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Ensure you are using Spigot or a server jar built using the Spigot API. We have swapped to using that to allow better cross-version compatibility. Most servers other than CraftBukkit itself nowadays use this so most people should be fine.

Current Features

  • Custom portal creation
  • Bungee portals
  • Commands when entering portals
  • Enabled you to build with the portal block so you can build portals with custom shapes
  • Warp effects(Like explosions or eye of end effects, must be enabled in the config as it is disabled by default)
  • Protection regions around portals to stop players without permission griefing them(this involves explosion protection and freezes all fluid movement in a raduis(can also be used for water and lava portals, although the lava still sets you on fire at the moment)
  • Custom message prefix(you can change messages to normal players to have your server name in front of it so it feels more like part of the server)
  • Portal trigger blocks, specify what block you want the plugin to check for, you can even use half blocks and stair combinations to make some quite unique portals.
  • An edit menu which allows you to click functions to enable easy portal editing.
  • Most features can be altered or toggled by changing variables in the config.

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