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This update reworks the command handling a bit while also adding a new sub-command called profiles.

Command overhaul

The command system has been tweaked to add some quality of life changes.
Namely, the help command now contains hover and click actions for the listed commands, to show usage of command, permission required and description respectively, while also putting the sub-command into your chat-bar when clicking it.

Profiles sub-command

A new profiles sub-command has been added. It allows you an easier creation of new profiles.

There are the following options available:

  • /asl profiles add <profile> - Create a new Profile with file name <profile>
  • /asl profiles copy <profile> <name> - Make a copy of <profile> and save it as file <name>
  • /asl profiles list - Show all loaded profiles. This list has hover text showing priority, condition and whether the profile is considered valid.


Here are some screenshots showing all the changes.

clearcache command hover
profiles command hover

This update adds MiniMOTD as a supported migration option to the plugin, meaning you can now migrate from MiniMOTD to AdvancedServerList.
It is important to note, that only the main.conf will be migrated as of right now. The positive side however, is that the MiniMOTD plugin does not need to be present for migration. Only its main.conf file in the MiniMOTD (or minimotd-velocity on Velocity) folder has to be present.

As a final note do I want to mention, that the plugin will download and use the configurate-hocon library when you start your migration. This is similar to the BungeeCord version downloading necessary libraries on startup, but a bit more dynamic.

This update bumps the API version used for the Paper version to 1.20.6. With that said should the plugin remain backwards compatible (Tested on a 1.20.4 Paper Server).

This update also uses the new BuildInfo class introduced in Paper that will display more useful information at startup, namely, if present will the plugin now print either Platform: Paper (ID: papermc:paper, Version: 1.20.6, Build: 79) if a build number is known or Platform: Paper (ID: papermc:paper, Version: 1.20.6) if no build is known.
On older versions will it print out the previous info.

Finally, this version also fixes a small bug where a backup is created of the config.yml on first creation due to it using config-version instead of the expected configVersion key.

This is a small update adding the missing ${litebans muteDuration} and ${litebans banDuration} placeholders to the BanPlugins Addon.

This update is solely for the BanPlugins Addon, by bringing support for LiteBans alongside some fixes with the Velocity site.

This is the stable release of the previous Beta releases of the plugin, bringing support for migrating from ServerListPlus to AdvancedServerList, fixing an issue on more recent Paper releases and updating PAPIProxyBridge support.

Speaking of, this and future updates will only be compatible with PAPIProxyBridge 1.6.1 and newer. This is due to changes in their API that makes supporting it more complicated, if backwards compat is wanted.

Changes from previous beta releases:

  • v4.8.0-b1: Add support to migrate from ServerListPlus to AdvancedServerList
  • v4.8.0-b2: Updating Adventure dependencies for proper 1.20.5/6 support.
  • v4.8.0-b3: Fix plugin creating a single, empty profiles entry on migration.
  • v4.8.0-b4: Fix IllegalArgumentException when using Strings longer than 16 characters for hover.
  • v4.8.0-b5: Fix a breaking change in latest PAPIProxyBridge update.
  • v4.8.0-b6: Fix player count text being broken and add workaround for the 16 character limit.

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