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v3.4.0 (Velocity)


This update, despite being only a Minor one, brings some significant changes to AdvancedServerList... Tho not necessarely as a plugin only.

AdvancedServerList moved to

From this version onwards will AdvancedServerList be hosted on instead of GitHub. There are various reasons, but the main one is, that I just like Codeberg more, even if GitHub with their GitHub Actions is quite nice.

What this means now is, that the GitHub Repository is semi-archived... It will still be open and I'll still manage issues there, but you won't receive active Updates there anymore and I hightly recommend to check Codeberg instead. Releases will (obviously) still be available on Modrinth and Hangar, just don't expect any releases on GitHub anymore.

Wiki has moved too

For the third time (First time was github wiki to github pages wiki and second time changing from to has the Wiki of AdvancedServerList moved.

You can now find it under Pages on the former Wiki location ( will have a banner at the top informing you about the move while also linking to the new place. Tho, keep in mind that the pages may not be up-to-date here...


Maintenance Plugin support

Added support for KennyTV's Maintenance plugin. If said plugin is loaded on the server will AdvancedServerList hook into its API to check if maintenance mode is enabled. If it is will it not manage the server list to avoid possible conflicts.

As of right now is there no logic in place to check on the proxy, whether maintenance mode only affects a specific server or not, so keep that in mind.


AdvancedServerList-Velocity-3.4.0.jar(3.95 MiB) Primary Download

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