Remove chat signing warning and chat report from your server.

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Modrinth page will not be getting as much attention as spigot page, if you wish to contact me do it on spigot.

What is this plugin?
AntiPopup is a plugin aiming to remove chat reporting system entirely using packets. It also has unique feature - blocks the new annoying popup (below) even if your server doesn't enforce chat reporting (please don't enforce it).
My plugin is also the safest to use, chance of breaking a different plugin is unlikely, I'd even say impossible. Note that some plugins might break it, report that to me.

How to install?
Plug and play, nothing else for you to do.
Optionally you can run antipopup setup in console, recommended.
If you use viaversion on bungeecord install AntiPopup ViaVersion addon.

antipopup setup - Disables enforce-secure-profile in (console only).
antipopup reload - Reloads configuration.

Q: What if my server runs an older version?
A: If you use viaversion and antipopup, 1.19.1+ players will not see popup.
Q: Will it work with ViaFabric?
A: Popup will be shown for 1.19.2 clients spoofing to 1.19, nothing I can fix on my side.

Support Me!
I don't really need your money, tho you can like the resource and make a positive review. If you really wanna donate click button below. (Your server's ip will be below as server using this plugin.)

Supporters - Analytics for your minecraft server | 20$ - Survival RPG & minigames (1.19+) | 10$

Need Help?
Message me on matrix or discord.

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