A way to remove the performance impact of trading halls without sacrificing other villager farms

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This is a simple plugin that allows your players to optimize their own villagers and does not effect anything vanilla wise. I am making this plugin due to massive trading halls tanking mspt on my servers and others. This will allow trading halls to keep their twice a day villager restocks and leveling up but won't affect any farms Villagers will be used in, such as Iron Golem Farms, Villager Breeders, Raid Farms, Etc.

You name a villager with a nametag or block that matches the name or block type configured in the yml and disables the villagers ai. You can also disable a villager with a workstation. If you wish to re-enable the villager ai all you have to do is rename it to anything else or push it onto a different block/remove the workstation. The villager gets restocked when the player right clicks the villager. During this right click it checks the custom time stored on the villager of when it was last restocked compared to the current server time. It also will check the villagers xp when it is disabled. If the xp meets the level up requirements it will re-enable the villagers ai and disable so the villager can level up and get new trades.

/avlreload: avl.reload

/avloptimize <radius>: avl.optimize

Bypass rename cooldown: avl.renamecooldown.bypass

Bypass restock cooldown: avl.restockcooldown.bypass

Sends a message telling the player when the next restock is: avl.message.nextrestock

avl.disable: disables this group from using plugin

While the villagers are optimized they will not sleep in beds, breed while ai is disabled, take damage from zombies, or work as part of farms. When using the radius optimize it can bypass some claim plugins. This feature is meant to be used as an admin command.

Toggle AI with nametags
Toggle AI with a block
Toggle AI with a workstation
Toggle the use of nametags when naming
Restocks Villagers trade
Set certain times for villagers to restock each day
Will level villagers up
Messages support hex code formatting

If you encounter any bugs please open a github issue. I will try to solve it as soon as possible!

To report bugs please create an issue on Github.

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For support, you can join the Discord Server.

Thanks for considering this plugin!

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