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Simple backup plugin for Paper/Folia

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How to use

  1. Install into your plugins folder
  2. Start the server
  3. Change config.yml (plugins/Backuper/config.yml)
  4. Restart the server

By default, backups will be stored in (plugins/Backuper/Backups)


  • Auto backup - (true/false) - enables automatic backups once at a specified interval (when disabled, backups will only run on the /backup command)
  • Backups folder - (Path) - FULL path to folder, where backups will be stored
  • First backup time - (0 -23) - time in hours when server will be backed up first time
  • Fixed backup time - (true/false) - all backups will take place at a certain time, specified in the firstBackupTime. When enabled, the backupPeriod automatically becomes 24 hours
  • Backup period - (1 <= Hours) - the period after which the server will make backups (If you want to change this you need to make fixedBackupTime = false)
  • After backup - (NOTHING/STOP/RESTART) - what will the server do after backup
  • Max backup number - (0 <=) - maximum number of backups to be kept (0 - unlimited)
  • Max backup weight - (0 <=) - maximum weight of backups that will be stored (MB)
  • Zip Archive - (true/false) - do you want to store backups in ZIP archives?
  • Better logging - (true/false) - enable logging of additional information (used for debugging, you probably don't need it)


  • /backup <stopRestartServer> - command to backup the server manually, argument means what the server will do after restart (Argument can be STOP or RESTART, also you can use it without argument)
  • /backup list - command to view the list of backups (click on a backup to open its menu)
  • /backup menu <backupName> - command to open the menu of the specified backup (can be opened by clicking on the specified backup in /backup list)
  • /backup menu <backupName> toZIP - command to convert the specified backup to a ZIP archive (can be used by clicking on the [TO ZIP] option in /backup menu <backupName>)
  • /backup menu <backupName> unZIP - command to convert the specified backup from a ZIP archive to a folder (can be used by clicking on the [UNZIP] option in /backup menu <backupName>)
  • /backup menu <backupName> delete - command to delete the specified backup (can be used by clicking on the [DELETE] option in /backup menu <backupName>)


  • backuper.backup - permission to use /backup command
  • backuper.stop - permission to use /backup command with the STOP argument
  • backuper.restart - permission to use /backup command with the RESTART argument
  • backuper.list - permission to use /backup list and /backup menu commands
  • backuper.tozip = permission to convert backups to a ZIP archive
  • backuper.unzip = permission to convert backups from a ZIP archive to a folder
  • backuper.delete = permission to delete backups


  • Please report any issues to GitHub
  • RESTART option may not work well, so it's better to use STOP with a loop in your start script (start script auto restart ON)
  • You can reset the backup time if it is broken, and you don't use fixedBackupTime by changing lastBackup to 0. Then the next backup will happen at firstBackupTime and the next ones will happen after backupPeriod

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