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BlueMap Banner Marker

-> Download BlueMap here

Let your players simply create markers on your BlueMap by placing down named banners! The name and color of the placed banner will be visible on the new marker. To remove your marker simply break the banner or modify all markers in the admin panel!



  • Customize every plugin message individual
  • Customize marker designs with custom naming and custom icons
  • Limit your players with blacklisted worlds or a max amount of markers

All messages can be found in the messages.yml file in Adventure MiniMessages format, settings are located at settings.yml and all marker icon images can be changed at assets/marker_<color>.yml (icons should be replaced with equivalent sized images). Changes are applied after a server restart


Simply hop on the BlueMap Discord and ask in #3rd-party-support :)

Note, this is a 3rd party extension and not official by BlueMap in any way!