Show number of bees and honey level in hives and nests

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Mod description

Minecraft keeps honey level and bee information when you break a hive/nest, but there's no way for players to get at this information.

This mod adds both in the item tooltip

So when you're moving a nest, you can see if there's enough bees in it to start breeding at the destination, and on servers with an economy, sellers and buyers can check if the "contains 3 bees" claim is true.

Version 1.1 adds a gui to check into placed blocks as well. Right click a hive/nest to see what's inside. This requires the mod to be installed on the server and on the client.

So you can install the mod:

  • on the client only: You will get the tooltip, but won't be able to look into placed hives/nests
  • on the server only: Nothing bad will happen, but nothing good either. The server won't require the mod to be on the client, so people without the mod can still connect.
  • on client and server/in a single player environment: You'll get the tooltip and be able to look into hive/nests.

If you're running a Spigot/Paper server, you can support players with the client-side mod as well - just throw the fabric jar file into your plugins folder. Yes, the single jar is a Fabric mod and a Spigot plugin at the same time, and will work with clients with the mod, no matter if they're using Forge or Fabric.

If you like bees, read up about protecting them at !