Create unique Quests and Storylines! ๐Ÿ† Top 10 best rated Spigot Plugin of all time ๐Ÿ† Interactive Conversations with Choices. Quest Logs, Menus, Items, Notifications, Holograms, Translations. Integrates with 35 of your favorite Plugins!

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Visit our Website for the best information about BetonQuest!

BetonQuest is the most versatile quest and conversation system out there, you can script the most in-depth adventures you can imagine.

  • Quest Tools: Logs, Menus, Items, Notifications
  • Conversations: Interactive, Multi-Path, Translatable
  • Extensive 30+ Plugin Integrations, API
  • Free and Open Source
  • Loved by Admins: In the Top 10 best Rated Plugins out of 59.000 Spigot Plugins!
  • Continuously updated by the community since 9 years!

Beautiful multi-path Conversations

Players can have immersive conversation with NPC's by utilizing BetonQuests Multi-Path-Conversation System. Questers can freely define multi-path stories, narrated with NPC conversations, and with multiple endings that affect a player's gameplay. Questers can also choose between five different styles to display their conversations.

Endless Integrations

BetonQuest supports more than 30 other plugins, ranging from standard plugins like WorldGuard/WorldEdit and Citizens to more advanced ones such as EffectLib. It also offers support for other quest plugins, so you can just keep your old quests and create further additions to your quest lines based upon the progress in your old plugin. If just Beton isn't enough you can always just hook into Skript or Denizen too.

Custom Notification System

Questers can make use of BetonQuests notifyIO system that provides access to all of Minecafts GUI elements to display notifications.

Provide NPC conversations in any language. Each player can set his own language which means that - if translated - all conversations will be in the players native language.

You can give players information about where they are in a quest using the "Journal". The Journal is a book in which you can write content based on the players actions.

Player, NPC and Hologram Hider

BetonQuest allows you to hide players from each other based on conditions. This can be used to create story-regions where players are always alone. It's also possible to hide entire Citizens NPC's and HolographicDisplays holograms.

There are tons of features in BetonQuest! Please visit our website for more information.โ€‹

Feel free to join our Discord for questions and updates: Discord
Use Github for bug reports and feature requests: Github Issues

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