Blood Cod Plugins

Blood Cod Plugins


Custom Minecraft server plugins to appease the Blood Cod

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Blood Cod Plugins has been archived. Blood Cod Plugins will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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Blood Cod Plugins

The Blood Cod Plugins pack is a monolithic server-side Minecraft plugin for use on a private survival multiplayer server. The goal of this plugin is to integrate the server history and lore into gameplay by providing custom NBT-backed items, crafting recipes, and advancements. Due to the one-off nature of this plugin, you'll find many hard-coded UUIDs and world coordinates in the plugin code.



Players with the god or godlike permission have the ability to smite any player with their fist at any time. When smiting a player, the smiter is gifted a fast and strong regeneration effect, and both players are gifted 14 seconds of fire resistance. This prevents the smiter from accidentally killing another player when only meaning to strike them with lightning for comedic effect.

When a player has been smote (smitten?), they are awarded the Enlightenment advancement. Any player that has been killed by a god or godlike player in this process will also get the Ultimate Sacrifice advancement.


The following custom advancements have been added to the game. More can be added upon request. Or, if you'd like: make a Pull Request and do it yourself.

Title How to get it
Root Is granted to every player automatically the first time they log in
Welcome to Church Enter the blood church
Defector Enter one of the other churches in the world
Box of Flames Enter (or fly overtop) Bloodland
Robe Up Wear a full set of red leather armor
Thats Not Water! Drink Tank Water of Cod
Thats Not Bread! Eat Bread of Cod
Enlightenment Get smited by the 🅱️ope
Ultimate Sacrifice Get smited to death by the 🅱️ope

These advancements are defined in datapack format. On server startup, the plugin compiles and injects it's own datapack into the server.

Items & Crafting

Item Recipe
Tank Water of Cod 1 glass bottle, 1 raw cod
Bread of Cod 1 bread, 1 raw cod

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