BlueBridge is a modular bridge plugin for Bukkit (or Spigot/Paper) servers with the aim to bring multiple Minecraft region plugins and other features to BlueMap.

How to use

Install BlueBridgeCore (required) and the addons you need (at least one) just like any other plugin, configure them to fit your needs and you are ready to go! For more detailed information, check out the wiki!

Available Modules

  • BlueBridgeCore: This module is always required as a dependency of all other modules
  • BlueBridgeWG: Adds WorldGuard region markers
  • BlueBridgeGP: Adds GriefPrevention claim markers
  • BlueBridgeWB: Displays the vanilla world border on BlueMap with customizable colors


I do not have my own support contact channel for this plugin, but you can always feel free to join the official BlueMap Discord server and ask in #3rd-party-support. I'll be there to answer any questions.

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