Chunky Border

Chunky Border

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An add-on for Chunky which lets you create and manage world borders

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Chunky Border

An add-on for Chunky which lets you create and manage world borders


  • Select a region for your world borders

  • Supports all world shapes generated by Chunky

  • Prevents players from moving too far past your world border

  • Redirects teleports that go outside of the world border

  • Optional border wrapping for teleporting across the border

  • Customizable world border message

  • Customizable world border effect and sound

  • Customizable map markers for Dynmap, BlueMap, and squaremap


chunky.command + chunky.command.border Grants access to the chunky command and chunky border sub commands

chunkyborder.bypass.move Bypass border movement checks Bypass border block placement checks


chunky ... Use Chunky's commands to create your world border selection

chunky border add Creates a world border from your current selection

chunky border remove Removes the world border in the currently selected world

chunky border wrap Toggles border wrapping in the currently selected world

chunky border list Displays all saved borders

chunky border load Load the world border in the currently selected world as your selection

chunky border bypass Temporarily bypass the world border


Create a square world border with a 1000 block radius in the overworld

chunky radius 1000
chunky border add

Create a circular world border centered at 100,-100 with a 5000 block radius in the nether

chunky world the_nether
chunky shape circle
chunky center 100 -100
chunky radius 5000
chunky border add

Load an existing world border and re-add it with a 10000 block radius

chunky border load
chunky radius 10000
chunky border add

Remove the world border in the end

chunky world the_end
chunky border remove

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