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CrazyCrates 2.1


Migrate your configurations to MiniMessage!

Previous Breaking Changes:

  • Added minimessage support which replaces legacy color codes like &7 or &c

    • CMI/DecentHolograms do not support MiniMessage so you still have to use legacy color codes for that.
  • b290d54 Updated /cc additem to be much more precise and friendly -> This will likely change again in the next version of CrazyCrates for 1.20.6, The item internals have changed.

Previously added rewards will still work for now. The new /cc additem currently only supports 1 item at a time but it's an improvement from before. DisplayAmount is what tells the plugin how much of the item to give so that is required. It will default to 1!

If you add an Items: section, It will use that instead for rewards and treat the nbt tag as if it was just purely for display.

Previous Additions:

  • Added folia support.
  • Added the ability to color the background using hex colors of holograms. It only works with CMI and FancyHolograms.
    • You can check the examples/crates folder under Hologram section for an example of how to add colors.
    • transparent is an option that can be used as well for see through holograms which is the default.
  • Add the option to HideItemFlags in filler glass and crate preview items.
  • Add config option to turn off the auto updating of examples folder.

Extra Item Options:

      DisplayName: '<red>Porkchop'
      DisplayItem: 'PORKCHOP'
      DisplayAmount: 4
      Chance: 60

If you simply want to give basic items without the need for using Items: or Commands:, You can configure a prize like this and it will give 4 porkchop.

DisplayAmount defines how many items to give, DisplayItem defines the material to give to the player.

You cannot have commands or items while using these type of format for giving items.


  • Removed the config option crate.unsupported-settings.old-key-checks as a bug I fixed broke what this setting was used for.

Previous Changes:

  • Updated how holograms are handled. FancyHolograms should be less finnicky and CMI should perform better.
  • Ability to set Chance in crate fields to -1 to use filler items.

Plugin Support:

  • Add placeholder api support to broadcast message in each crate file.
  • Added support for FancyHolograms by Oliver.
  • Add support for PlaceholderAPI in key displayname/lores.

Previous Fixes:

  • Fixed double lines with decentholograms.
  • Fixed an issue where list messages would have an extra line at the end.
  • Fixed an issue with materials not being recognized.
  • Fixed a bug where keys did not have lores.
  • Fixed an issue where if display names matched, it would not give the right prize.
  • Fixed an issue with casino crate where you could open a casino crate without the key.
  • Temp fix for double message when trying to open a crate with key in off hand. This means for the time being, Keys cannot be used in off hand for physical crates.


CrazyCrates-2.1.jar(451.01 KiB) Primary Download

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