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  • Paper & Fabric: Updated support to 1.21
  • Added support for 1.20.6 on Sponge(Forge) 🥳 should also work with SF 1.21 when that releases soon™
  • Updated the Clutter Inventory effect to shuffle around all items instead of just a few
  • Updated the Summon Armor Stand effect to sometimes give the entity arms with random items
  • Updated the Lootbox effects to give unbreakable items a little less often
  • Updated the Do-or-Die effect to give better rewards more often
  • Paper & Fabric: Updated the Lootbox effects to add random trims to armor
  • Updated the Player Size effects to adjust more attributes (step amount, jump strength, etc)
  • Fixed the Fling effect to prevent execution while in a vehicle (sorry Feinberg!)
  • Fixed the Can't Move effect preventing you from respawning after death (sorry Feinberg?)
  • Fixed issue where taking max health would successfully activate but refund anyway
  • Fixed compatibility with new Crowd Control client update


  • Added new effect for dropping a random block, like a falling anvil
  • Paper & Fabric: Added new effects for increasing and decreasing the size of players and nearby mobs
  • Paper: Updated various effects to use server registries for better plugin compatibility and future-proofing
  • Paper: Fixed some missing entity effects
  • Paper: Fixed enchant effects always refunding
  • Paper & Fabric: Mobs spawned by CC ordinarily have a tag for developers denoting that they were viewer-spawned. This tag is now removed when the mob is renamed via name tag.
  • Added crowdcontrol.use.[EFFECT_ID] permissions for server admins; see here for the list of effect IDs


  • Ported Fabric's new time effects to Paper
  • Ported Fabric's gravity command refactor to Paper
  • Fixed time effect announcements
  • Fixed issue that forced all Fabric players to install the mod (it's still recommended!)

Full Changelog:

What's Changed

  • ✨ Added support for 1.20.6 on Paper and Fabric
  • 💀 Dropped support for Paper and Fabric versions prior to 1.20.6
  • ✨ Added new entity summon effects (Armadillo, Bogged, Breeze)
  • ✨ Added new effects for controlling the speed of the game (HyperSpeed, HyperSlowSpeed, Freeze Time)
  • ✨ Added slow falling potion effect
  • ✨ Added support for the upcoming Stop All Effects button in the Crowd Control app
  • ✨ Added the permission node crowdcontrol.use for fine-grained control over where effects can be used
  • ✨ Added support for binding to a specific IP address. Useful for owners of large server networks.
  • 🧹 Added support for pausing some more effects in singleplayer
  • 🧹 Added warnings for running the Paper plugin on an unsupported version
  • 🐛 Fixed an issue allowing sessions to be started earlier than intended
  • 🐛 Fixed an issue causing the global effect warning to be displayed despite the presence of a hosts value

New Contributors

Full Changelog:

  • Added support for 1.20.4 on Paper and Fabric
  • Dropped non-critical support for Fabric 1.19.2 - 1.20.3
  • Added configuration options for the soft-lock resolver
  • Added support for pausing some effects in singleplayer
  • Fixed some rare effect visibility issues with a recent Crowd Control app update
  • Fixed translations being broken by some old mappacks
  • Fixed lootbox enchantments maxing out at level 1 on Fabric
  • Fixed the "Clutter Inventory" effect always being marked as successful
  • Marked the mod as incompatible with ExtraSounds due to Modded SoundCategory entries cause playSound to fail

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