Easily create custom recipes via an in-game GUI, including Crafting, Cooking, Smithing, etc. Use advanced config features to merge/copy NBT from ingredients to results, and run Extensions on recipe completion.

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Java 16, Spigot, and WolfyUtils are required!

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recipe_types customization advanced_settings dependencies_updates getting started

  • Make sure your server is running Java 16 or later​
    • Only necessary on 1.16 servers, 1.17+ always run Java 16 or later​
  • Install WolfyUtils in the plugins folder​
  • Download & Install the CustomCrafting jar file into the plugins folder​
  • Start the server​
  • Run /cc and start creating recipes via the GUI​

Below you'll find the basic information about the plugin to get going.
For more detailed information, tutorials, and information about advanced features, visit the wiki on GitHub.


/cc — Opens the GUI of CustomCrafting
Alias: /customcrafting

Command Options

/cc <option>

reload — Reloads the plugin data including items, recipes, languages, and GUIs.
Permission: customcrafting.cmd.reload

lockdown — Toggles the lockdown mode. When enabled, all custom recipes are locked and disabled.
Permission: customcrafting.cmd.lockdown

give — Gives a player the specified custom item
Permission: customcrafting.cmd.give​

Recipe Book

The Recipe Book is designed to help your players browse the custom recipes.
You can configure categories for your recipes, create filters that filter recipes by type, etc. and sort recipes.
In the main menu (/cc) you can find the Recipe Editor on the bottom right, that allows you to add new categories/filters, and edit existing ones.
By the time of writing, the GUI is still a work in progress, and some features are only configurable by editing the recipe_book.conf!

GUI Permission: customcrafting.inv.recipe_book.*​

/recipes — Opens the Recipe Book

Recipe Book Item

The plugin provides a recipe book item by default, that opens the recipe book on right-click. Permission: customcrafting.item.recipe_book

Vanilla, Advanced & Elite Crafting Recipes

There are 3 types of custom crafting recipes.
Vanilla, Advanced and Elite Workbench recipes.

Vanilla Recipes

The vanilla recipes can be easily created via the Workbench option on the Main Menu They are compatible with the Vanilla and Advanced Workbench.

Advanced Recipes

Similar to the Vanilla recipes, but can only be crafted in the advanced crafting table.
The advanced crafting table is provided as a default item by the plugin and has particle effects when placed down. It has a vanilla crafting menu and all vanilla recipes can be crafted inside of it. ​ They are created via the same menu in the Recipe Creator, and the Advanced Crafting Table condition must be added & enabled.

How to get the Advanced Workbench:

/cc give <player> customcrafting:advanced_crafting_table
or via the default recipe

Elite Recipes

[This Feature is still in Beta]

Elite Crafting Tables have a custom inventory GUI with different sized crafting grids (2x2 - 6x6).

The Recipes are created via the Elite Crafting Table menu in the Recipe Creator GUI.

How to create an Elite Crafting Table:

Other than the Advanced Workbench, you need to create your own.

To do that, you need to create an item via the Item-Creator (You can use any Block Item)
There you will find the Elite Workbench option on the second page.

After you saved the item, you can get the item via /cc give and create a recipe for it if you like.

In order to use the Elite Workbench, you need these permissions:


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