Discord Integration

Discord Integration

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This mod links your server chat with a channel on your discord server

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Created3 years ago
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This mod/plugin links your server (not client!) chat with a channel on your discord server.


  • Send chat messages from discord to minecraft and back
  • /discord command which sends an invite url to the sender
  • Webhook mode
  • Commands
  • Server crash detection (might not always work!, forge only)
  • Player timeout detection (might not always work!, forge only)
  • Death and advancement messages
  • API for mod developers to send messages and register commands
  • Discord <-> Minecraft account linking (with whitelist mode)
  • Dynmap Integration

Quick setup guide: https://erdbeerbaerlp.de/projects/discord-integration/quick-setup

Need Help or Support?

You can join my Discord server.

Discord Server

Demo Server

Join the official server! (uses current spigot version) On the demo server you can also link your minecraft and discord account globally (optional)

Unsure about Discord Permissions?

The bot needs permissions to modify webhooks, send and read messages and manage channels. You also need to enable Server Members Intent on the bot creation page

Use Notepad++ for editing config files?

I recommend installing this Notepad++ language definition: https://github.com/Theodor-Lindberg/NPP-TOML-Syntax

MC Version Support

Everything older than 1.18.2 will not get new updates regularily.


(Note: The statistics only contain spigot users until 3.0.6/3.0.7) bStats Graph of Discord Integration


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