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DirectionHUD (SPIGOT)

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DirectionHUD is a fully customizable Minecraft plugin that enhances the vanilla navigation experience. With the plugin, you can save coordinates, track other players, see death locations, all with full customization with the /hud and /destination commands.

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How do I set custom destinations? - You can use /dest set <XYZ> to set a destination, but the main commands for the mod are /hud and /destination, if you are stuck try one of them out!

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HUD Customization

Toggle and customize HUD modules to your liking, while sorting them to be perfect for you.

hud customization

Saving Coordinates

Tired of writing down base locations?
Save, set, convert, and edit coordinates easily using the chat UI.

dest saving


Having trouble hunting down keeping up with your friends?
Send a tracking request and start your adventures!

Death Saving

Which cave did I die in...
See your past previous deaths (customizable in the config)

Command Settings

Toggle destination & HUD settings, like bossbar color or autoclear status.

dest customization
hud customization

Color Perfection

Need to find the perfect color combination?
Use the included presets, make a custom preset with the name of your choice, or use the color picker to set your favorite colors!

color picker
color presets

Config Settings

Change default player configs and DirectionHUD settings using the DirectionHUD config file!

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