Let players do something that burns brain rather than AFK!

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šŸš€ Introduction

Fishing, AFK-ing, riding minecarts... There are many in-game scenarios that require "waiting," and you've probably experienced this. If players could use this time for some critical thinking, the monotony could turn into a sense of achievement.

With this plugin installed, players can spend their "waiting" time playing a game of 24!

Plugin Features

  • Enter the command /24game or /24 to start a game of 24 points.

  • Enter your answers directly in the chat, and the game will provide feedback.

    All actions, including starting and answering, take place in the chat. This means you don't have to stop what you're doing to think about the answers unless you run out of time.

    • Q: What if I need to reply to someone's message in the middle of the game?
    • A: Use the /tell command for private messages, or use /me to let others know you're playing 24. Or... you can finish your 24-point game first and then respond.

āŒØļø Commands

  • /24game or /24 Permission: (default: true) | Players only Function: Start a game of 24.
  • /24game stop Permission: 24game.stop (default: true) | Players only Function: Abort a game of 24.
  • /24game stop <player name|@a|@p|@r|...> Permission: 24game.stopOthers (default: op) Function: Abort a game of 24 for a specific player or players.
  • /24game test <a> <b> <c> <d> Permission: 24game.test (default: true) Function: Test if the number combination [a b c d] has a solution. This command is not available when the command executor is playing a game of 24.

šŸ“ Configuration


    # Plugin language, built-in options are `en` (English) and `zh` (Simplified Chinese)
    lang: `zh`

    # Timeout in seconds. If a player doesn't answer within this time, the game is considered timed out and aborted.
    response-timeout: `180`

    # Maximum number of cached calculation results (each result takes up `3` bytes)
    # Valid range: `1..65535`, any number outside this range disables the cache
    # Enabling the cache is recommended. Cached files will be saved to cache.bin
    cache-size: `1024`

    # String representation of "no solution"
    # Since the plugin performs case-insensitive string comparison, please use lowercase when dealing with letters.
    # Uppercase to lowercase conversion is done using the Locale.US locale setting.
      - `n/a`
      - `none`
      - `ę— č§£`
      - `ē„”č§£`
      - `no resolution`
      - `no solution`

šŸŒ Download

Please visit the download page to get the latest version. SHA256 for 1.0.3: defd588685d61cc6b1677f49f565609f8fe7088bf3976c5e4c95ee5fd119497c

Legal Notice

All the code used in this plugin is original and free from any borrowing or plagiarism. The plugin is written in Kotlin and is obfuscated using ProGuard. The JAR package contains the redirected, obfuscated, and packaged Kotlin standard library, and it is governed by the open-source Apache 2 license. The JAR package includes a file that explains the modifications made to the files. Reprinting this plugin requires my consent, and I suggest you email me at for better visibility. If you need the plugin's obfuscation table (for ReTrace analysis of stack traces) or the source code, please contact me via email.

Ā© 2023 teddyxlandlee. All rights reserved.

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