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With this plugin you can add guns, ammo, throwables and melee weapons to your server.

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WARNING! This plugin requires Java 11 or higher.

With this plugin you can add guns, ammo, throwables and melee weapons to your server! It is very easy to set up and use, but if you need any further help or instructions on how to use Gunshell you can join our Discord for help or take a look at our documentation.



  • Add your own guns, ammo, throwables and melee weapons in the configuration files.
  • You can adjust everything the way you want it.
  • Changeable messages in the messages.yml
  • Completely free of charge.
  • Fully documented on our documentation.


By downloading the plugin, you automatically agree to the terms of service of this plugin, and you confirm that you have read them.

  • We reserve the right to change the terms of service at any time without notice.
  • It is not allowed to take credit for this plugin.
  • You are not allowed to remove or block the /gunshell command.
  • It is not allowed to sell or redistribute this plugin without permission from the author (Jazzkuh).
  • Selling weapons, ammo, throwables, melee weapons or otherwise for real money is not allowed¹.
  • If your server does not obey these terms of service, access to the plugin may be restricted to that server. (We do not have to give a reason or inform you of this). To do this, the plugin makes a request to a webserver which collects your: server's IP address, port and plugin version.

¹: This does not include adding Gunshell items to: ranks where the main reward is not the weapon, or adding them to crates. We absolutely do not allow selling weapons in packs, individually or adding them as invite rewards on Discord, which is against Discord's terms of service.