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HuskHomes v3.2.1 - Bug fixes


HuskHomes 3.2.1 is now available to address some outstanding issues present in v3.2, including some critical issues if you are using permission restricted warps.

  • Fixed an outstanding issue with permission restricted warps that prevented their use even if the user had the right permission node, courtesy of @Lorias-Aegorin (#280)
  • Fixed permission restricted warps not TAB completing correctly, even if the user had the correct permission (#273)
  • Fixed a placeholder not being correctly replaced on the free home limit warning (#278)
  • Fixed an issue that meant the pagination buttons on the home list menu would paginate through your own home list rather than the target users' homes (#274)
  • A number of improvements to the cross-server network messaging system have been made to improve system stability, particularly in cases where plugin message callbacks would fail with a dispatch error (#275)
  • Updated the Simplified Chinese (zh-cn) locales, courtesy of @ApliNi (#270)
  • Updated the Italian (it-it) locales, courtesy of @iVillager (#274)
  • Updated the German (de-de) locales, courtesy of @Ceddix (#269)

To update, just drag+drop. You may wish to regenerate your languages file if you're making use of the mentioned locales that received updates.


HuskHomes-3.2.1.jar (2.48 MiB) Primary Download