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Hyacinth Hello


Normal join messages are boring, spruce up your server with per-user join messages!

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Hyacinth Hello

Normal join (and leave) messages are boring! They don't give you any insight to who you are, and aren't personal at all. With Hyacinth Hello, you can allow your server's players to set custom join messages that will make joining your server that much more fun!

Hyacinth Hello has a pretty basic config, and everything else is inputted by your players or handled by the plugin. There are a few formatting options (like the wrappers for the message, color options) but more are planned eventually.

Current Features

  • Custom formatting (the message wrapper, prefix)
  • Custom join message command
  • Custom leave message command
  • Permission nodes (hyacinthhello.joinmessage & hyacinthhello.leavemessage)
  • Death Messages
  • PlaceholderAPI integration

Planned Features

  • Moderation options (such as edit, remove, or set other's hellos)

Servers that use Hyacinth Hello

(to get your server listed, send me a DM on Discord @ https://discord.gg/84TZGRkXy6!)

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