A plugin that allows to add stepping-sounds for the Presence Footsteps mod to custom ItemsAdder Blocks.


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This is a beta version. Make sure to create backups of your ItemsAdder files to avoid issues.

This update adds support for the new folder structure introduced in ItemsAdder 3.3.0 while preserving backwards compatability with older versions.

When you're now starting IAxPresenceFootsteps will it check for the contents folder followed by the data folder should the former not be found. If neither was found will the plugin disable itself.

With this update does this plugin also change where it stores the generated blockmap.json file:

  • On 3.3.0 and newer will it be found under plugins/ItemsAdder/contents/presencefootsteps/resourcepack/presencefootsteps/config/blockmap.json
  • On 3.2.5 and older will it be found under plugins/ItemsAdder/data/resource_pack/assets/presencefootsteps/config/blockmap.json

Decided to release this plugin to Modrinth.
Below can you see the changelogs from initial release until latest.

v1.2.0: Fix Kyori Adventure error

There was a chance that an error would be thrown during the plugin's onLoad() phase due to the BukkitAudiences library trying to register events during it.

This has been fixed.

v1.2.0: Workaround for inconsistent plugin loading

There is an issue with plugin loading order where circular dependencies (plugins depending on each other) messes up stuff, resulting in plugins depending on others loading before them.

This update adds a workaround by making the entire startup procedure (checking for ItemsAdder, adding commands, etc.) run after the server is done loading.
This should hopefully fix issues such as #1 until Spigot and/or PaperMC implement a proper fix.

Read more here: PaperMC/Paper#5992

v1.1.0: Auto-trigger /iazip after /pfcreate when enabled

New Config and behaviour

This update adds a config.yml file containing a boolean option called auto-zip.
When set to true will IAxPresenceFootsteps automatically trigger /iazip after creating the blockmap.json file. The command will be executed as whoever triggered /pfcreate

New Command

Added a /pfreload command to reload the config.

Changed logging messages

Messages sent in the console are now coloured. Also, all messages now have a prefix set.

v1.0.0: First release

This is the very first release of IAxPresenceFootsteps.

The plugin allows you to create a blockmap.json file for the PresenceFootsteps mod

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