Visualize Crafting Tables, Furnaces, Enchantment Tables and more with animations through packets!

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So in Minecraft, you click that crafting table and put things in, no one else knows what you are doing.. Aren't we supposed to be able to see that items pop up on the table logically? With this plugin, you can! See items placed on the crafting table literally as players put them in in their GUI! And much more!


1. Visualization!

Here are all the blocks and entities that have been visualized by InteractionVisualizer so far!

See the Gallery for all the GIFs of (almost) every block!

Want to watch videos instead browsing the Gallery?
Here is an awesome walkthrough by MusicTechnician! (English)

Here is another one by ServerMiner! (English)

Yet another one by The BelgiumGames (Dutch)

2. Client-Side!

  • None of the blocks and items actually exists on the server!
  • They can't be killed or removed by kill commands!
  • They won't affect the world in any way!

3. Customization


  • ProtocolLib [1.12.2 or below only] (Please install the latest version that is compatible with your server version)
  • LightAPI Fork [1.16.5 or below only] (Not to be mistaken with the original LightAPI)

Supported Plugins

  • OpenInv (With silent chest on, chest animations are disabled)
  • SuperVanish & PremiumVanish (All animations are disabled while in vanish)
  • CMI (All animations are disabled while in vanish)
  • Essentials (All animations are disabled while in vanish)


  1. Put InteractionVisualizer.jar and all required dependencies into the plugins folder
  2. Start the server
  3. Edit the config
  4. Restart the server

Development Builds


Showcase Server

Want to give the plugin a try?



How does /iv toggle works?

There are three modes in /iv toggle, they enable or disable certain mechanics used for the displays. "itemstand" stands for any visual items that are created with armorstands (the ones that lay flat on the blocks and don't float like normal dropped items) and itemframes (i.e. the CartographyTable map) "itemdrop" stands for any visual items that is a dropped item "hologram" stands for all the floating text (e.g. furnace progress bar) The player data used for /ic toggle is saved in the database.

I got an error saying that there are some problems while saving blockdata.json, what do I do?

This is most likely caused by the server not shutting down properly. But regardless of what is the cause of the problem, you can always go to the InteractionVisualizer plugin folder and replace the blockdata.json with one of the backups in the backup folder.


With the plugin PlaceholderAPI installed, you can get the toggle status of a player using placeholders, they are:


If a player has enabled, for example, the itemstand module for the Crafting Table, %interactionvisualizer_itemstand_crafting_table% will return enabled, if it is disabled, it will return disabled


InteractionVisualizer does provide an API for developers to create add-ons! Check out the wiki page:


/interactionvisualizer reload - Reloads the plugin
/interactionvisualizer refresh - Refresh all item displays for the player executing the command
/interactionvisualizer update - Check for updates
/interactionvisualizer toggle - Toggles display options
(/iv in short)


interactionvisualizer.reload - Allows you to reload the plugin [default: op]
interactionvisualizer.refresh - Allows you to refresh displays [default: true]
interactionvisualizer.toggle - Allows you to toggle modules [default: true]
interactionvisualizer.toggle.others - Allows you to toggle modules for others [default: op]
interactionvisualizer.update - Allows you receive update messages [default: op]

Default Config

Latest Config with descriptions

Community Translated Configs

Check out the Repository!


  • The plugin might not work on Minecraft version 1.10.2 or below

Data usage

Usage statistics at will be visible to the public with your server included in the statistics. No private information of your server is sent.
Update checking is also done via to notify you whenever a new version is released. No private information of your server is sent.

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