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IPLogin is plugin that allows server owners to restrict access to their servers based on IP address. This plugin will work with PaperMC and PaperMC forks, but won't work with Spigot or CraftBukkit. Why are you using them anyway?

Important Notice

  1. If you are updating to IPLogin 2.7 you will need to manually transfer the data from name-to-ip-map.txt to name-to-ip.yml. To do this you must add a space between the : and the IP.

  2. If you are updating to IPLogin 2.8 from 2.7 you will need to delete the config.yml file before starting the server with the plugin.

  3. If you are updating to IPLogin 2.8 from any version older than 2.7 you will need to do both steps 2 and 1.


Turn Player: into Player:


  • Restrict server access based on IP address or username
    • Ban/Kick alts or impersonators or users with a certain username
  • Option to allow specific IP addresses to bypass the restriction
    • Players with a dynamic IP
    • Players that often login from other locations
  • Easy setup and configuration
  • Custom player log

Getting Started

To use IPLogin, simply download and install the version of IPLogin for your PaperMC server's version. It is recommended to install the latest version of IPLogin.

When a player first joins the server, their IP will be associated with their username. From now on, the plugin will check anyone with that player's username to see if they match the stored IP.

By default, IPLogin will kick all players who do not have a matching IP address in the name-to-ip.yml file. You can add an * next to a player's name to allow them to access the server with any IP. This is useful when someone has a dynamic IP or often logs in from other locations.


Player: *


/allowalts prints a message with the value of allow-alts
/allowalts <true/false> to change the value of allow-alts, needs operator
/setip <newip> to change your IP, sender needs to be a player
/setip <player> <newip> to change someone's IP, needs operator

I probably won't make a command for every option in the config, but be sure to let me know if you would like that feature!


Once you've installed the plugin, you can configure it by editing the config.yml file, which is located in plugins/IPLogin. The file should look like this:

  basic: true
  custom: true
  enabled: false
  ban: false
  message: Your name is not allowed on this server.
  mode: 1
    - example
    - example2
allow-alts: false
ban-alts: false
alts-message: Alts are not allowed.
ban-impersonators: false
impersonators-message: Impersonators are not allowed.
welcome-back-message: 'Welcome back, '
welcome-message: 'Welcome, '

Here you can change the messages for alts and impersonators, you can make the plugin kick or ban impersonators or kick or ban alts, you can even allow alts.

The username filter has 2 modes: the first one kicks/bans the player if their username contains the exact filter and the second one kicks/bans them if their username in lower case matches the filter. You can add specific usernames to the exceptions list.


Mode: 1
Filter: example1, example2
Exceptions: myexample1, myexample2
Players that get kicked/banned : Notexample1, Theexample2, example12, myexample1, myexample2
Players that don't get kicked/banned: Example1, Example2, exAmple21

Mode: 2
Filter: example1, example2
Exceptions: MyExample1, MyExample2
Players that get kicked/banned : Notexample1, Theexample2, example12, Example1, Example2, exAmple21, MyExample1, MyExample2
Players that don't get kicked/banned: 3xample1, Ex4mple2, exAmpl321

The basic logger announces bans/kicks in chat and the custom logger saves them to log.yml where it stores the username, time, IP, reason, type and if the player is an alt the owner of the IP.


  23/06/1940 12:00:00:
    Reason: Impersonator
    Type: Kick
  23/06/1940 12:00:00:
    Reason: Username filter
    Type: Kick
  23/06/1940 12:00:00:
    Reason: Alt
    Type: Kick
    - example0


IPLogin provides a simple and effective way to restrict server access based on IP address. However, it is important to remember that IP addresses can be easily changed. For example, someone can use a free VPN to change their IP to a random one. Therefore, IPLogin should not be relied upon as the sole method of securing your server, you should also have moderators.


If you have any questions or issues with IPLogin, you can use the issue tracker on GitHub.


IPLogin was developed by TheOnlySD12 and is licensed under the MIT License. Special thanks to the following people for their contributions to the project:

  • Me (Code Review)
  • Myself (Ideas)
  • I (Testing)

I hope you enjoy using IPLogin! Please don't hesitate to use the issue tracker if you have any feedback or suggestions.

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