An API which provides virtual servers features to Velocity

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Rewrite uuids in Velocity Tablist API

Release 1.1.24

by hevav on Jun 19, 2024
  • Fixed invalid biome registry ids on 1.20.5/6+
  • Fixed invalid online-mode detection
  • Fixed duplicated tablist entries then disconnecting from limbo
  • Fixed Floodgate global link compatibility
  • Improved tablist uuid rewriting
  • Improved KeepAlive handling
  • Minecraft 1.21 support
  • Velocity b398+ support
  • Updated FastPrepareAPI to 1.0.10

Release 1.1.24

Fix invalid online-mode detection

Update FastPrepareAPI to 1.0.10

Ensure that LoginListener::hookLoginSession is always invoked inside EventLoop

For some reason it doesn't then using Floodgate

Ensure that read timeout can't happen due to late KeepAlive sending

Minecraft 1.21 and Velocity b398+ support (#154)

  • 1.21 support

  • Disable blockstate mappings generation for 1.21

  • Fix registries on 1.20.5 and older

  • Remove workaround for downloading 1.21 manifest

Rewrite GameProfile uuids in tablist

Use initial uuid for internal tablist packets to prevent duplicates\nRemove unnecessary JoinGamePacket preparing\nRewrite uuids in RemovePlayerInfoPacket tablist packet

fix keep alive handling v2

Release 1.1.15

Former-commit-id: 85b0af27cf3f92c7f9e624b66c6096c4dbf6bd1d\n1.1.16: Override registered packets

Former-commit-id: 86487a8258d2f74e02492734f0dc17f170dbdf51\nFix legacy block mapping

Former-commit-id: fe5387390ddf467d621424dfea080b702cba5538\nRelease 1.1.17 (#123)

  • Velocity 266+ support
  • 1.20.2 support
  • Automatically generate mappings

Co-authored-by: jnngl Co-authored-by: UserNugget Co-authored-by: Petr Ilin Former-commit-id: c1c99165c459c71e9d22e2df2363ea7a5702313d\nRelease 1.1.18

Former-commit-id: 6423bbcd314886c7a040e35eb2479ac584aaf772\nRelease 1.1.18 Hotfix 1

Former-commit-id: 2046ac6e18c774848ac9fea0824b84ff1271bb66\nWorldVersion fix

Former-commit-id: 585a6fd75668f4307749b338808b02a2c8b3ed27\nState switching rework with other bugfixes (#128)

  • Properly check for pending disconnection

  • Force synchronize rejoin state switching

  • Deduplicate prepared config packets

  • Don't preserve ConfirmHandler and ClientPlaySessionHandler

Preserving them will cause issues with server switching

  • Close "confirming" connection on spam

  • Speedup 1.20.3+ world loading by following Vanilla behavior

  • Synchronize LOGIN transition

  • Ensure that FastPrepareAPI encoder matches current state

  • Remove NbtUtils as Velocity now supports 1.20.2 NBT

  • Check for a custom PLAY state while sending UpsertPlayerInfo

  • Rollback CONFIG handler on server switch

  • Move the entire PLAY->CONFIG transition logic to the LimboSessionHandlerImpl

  • Fix invalid CONFIG packets being sent at PLAY state

  • Mitigate clientside race condition

  • Small improvements

  • Fix race condition mitigation then rejoin is disabled

  • Fix LoginEvent sending a LOGIN disconnect instead of CONFIG/PLAY one

Former-commit-id: 78231bd9122f00a087fb11a9c6806dfb13ac1f5a\nRelease 1.1.19

Former-commit-id: 655662f782f79bc1eb5f74b2540ddd1214067ced\nUpdate packets class names (Velocity b329)

Former-commit-id: ac3d078fd270a50d5583f5b760a126549a245e4e\n1.1.20 (Velocity b329+ support)

Former-commit-id: 5f5b20b271117588264f85370fb641cdb73266e9\nChange build.gradle version to 1.1.20

Former-commit-id: 8de969590b406191a0a9ab215748c048aa508ca0\nRelease 1.1.21 (#140)

  • More appropriate chat session race condition fix

  • Initial work on fixing brand and skin layers on 1.20.2+

  • Don't call onDisconnect multiple times for 1.20.2+ client

  • Reimplement "KickCallback"

  • Correct some comments

  • Run KickCallback inside EventLoop

  • Change copyright year to 2024 (we are in 2024 guys)

  • Change year in the first launch message to 2024

  • Support for 1.19.3+ chat signing

  • Add config option to force disable 1.19.3+ chat signing

  • Remove unused field

  • Discard information from previous server

  • Remove player from tablist then transferring to the server on 1.19.1 and lower

  • Ensure that "minecraft:chat_type" registry is sent to 1.19 client

  • Add 1.20.3 to available versions

  • Fix previous server information discarding on 1.20.2+

  • Velocity b349+ support

  • Release 1.1.21

Former-commit-id: 759581cb80976ef1b0213e3670f6d9cffefc78c5\n1.1.22: Velocity b360+ support

Former-commit-id: 79e9a3909251c6af5fce22ab5316e48f10a4f879\n1.20.5 & Velocity b379+ support (#149)

  • Initial 1.20.5-rc1 support

  • Small cleanup

  • Unsigned command packet support

  • Generate mappings for 1.20.5-rc3 instead of 1.20.5-rc1

  • Remove 1.20.5 mappings generation workaround

Former-commit-id: dd04cee315e3d3136c58ce3c4f41cdc6c60e73bd\nRelease 1.1.23

Former-commit-id: 5220a1aae615bc86a6d8b1357b48ae8084d3f1e9\nFix release workflow

Former-commit-id: 89c69e3e2c962301936c459066f43d512e8b9090\nminecraft:profile item component support

Former-commit-id: 588b755d3b405f88b5fc3771831273bd13a47af0\nPreserve ids for 1.20.5 RegistrySyncPacket

Former-commit-id: 637cb5b826ad9d14a75642025ed50ff74e7de782\nfix windows mappings generation, fix wrong keepalive handling (Fixes #77)

Preserve ids for 1.20.5 RegistrySyncPacket

minecraft:profile item component support

Release 1.1.23

by hevav on Apr 24, 2024
  • 1.20.5 support
  • Velocity b379+ support

Fix release workflow

Release 1.1.23

1.20.5 & Velocity b379+ support (#149)

  • Initial 1.20.5-rc1 support

  • Small cleanup

  • Unsigned command packet support

  • Generate mappings for 1.20.5-rc3 instead of 1.20.5-rc1

  • Remove 1.20.5 mappings generation workaround

Release 1.1.22

by hevav on Feb 21, 2024
  • Velocity b360+ support

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