Realistic number picking lottery with tickets count independent odds. Inspired by "Mark Six" by the HKJC. Please bet responsibly.

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  • Fixed anvil gui not opening on some versions
  • Fixed open book kicking players
  • Support for Minecraft 1.21
  • Support for Minecraft 1.20.6
  • Store past games in compressed files
  • Experimental support for Velocity Proxies
  • Support for Minecraft 1.20.4
  • Fixed incorrect probability calculation
  • Fixed incorrect probability calculation
  • Added a not-recommended option
  • Support for Minecraft 1.20.2
  • Fixed and Updated AnvilGUI for 1.20.1
  • Fixed Folia support
  • Handle unknown game numbers when loading games
  • Improved Game Number TypeAdapter
  • Support for Minecraft 1.20
  • Added BorderPaneItems config option
  • Ability to invalidate individual bets
  • Access offline players on bungeecord
  • Fixed LotterySix Discord Interaction Listener interfering with other plugin's Discord Interaction Listeners
  • Added link to placeholders in config
  • Improved LotteryPlayer saving
  • Drop the use of locks for LazyCompletedLotterySixGameList
  • Improved internal structure for better bungee communication
  • Added jump-to-year menu for past result selection on Discord
  • Improved performance of LazyCompletedLotterySixGameList
  • Fixed incorrect amount displayed when disposing
  • Improved Betting Account menu accessibility for bedrock users
  • Incorrect amount displayed when disposing in some situations
  • Drastically improved performance when browsing the past draw result list when accessing the list from an old game
  • Fixed a possible type error when starting new games with multiple draw bets
  • Fixed incorrect finish button during selection in banker number selection
  • Fixed win prizes distribution taking ages
  • Rename game files to easier find stuff as a human
  • Added Multiple Draw Bets (where you can bet on the next 5 games in one go, for example. Allowing players to enter the same set of numbers for consecutive draws)
  • Improvements to Discord Interactions
  • Drop interaction when game state changes
  • Expire hooks when the plugin shutdown
  • Added return button after finishing bet on Discord
  • Open GUIs on command on the player thread
  • Added advertisementImage internally
  • Added RetainLowestPrizeForTier option
  • Added select all & add random functionality to placing bets on Discord as well
  • Reject discord interactions when game is locked
  • Complete revamped how you interact with LotterySix on discord!
  • Now there is only one command /lottery
  • Folia Support (usable when Vault also supports Folia)

Hot Fix (1.9.1)

by LOOHP on Mar 30, 2023
  • Fixed NPE when opening the menu when there are no past games
  • LotterySix now uses a separate Betting Account Balance to hold and maintain money used to bet as well as winnings
  • This allows player funds to be accessed offline
  • Player winnings now go directly into their betting account
  • Players no longer need to click a chat message in chat to collect winnings
  • Added discord slash command /betaccount
  • Added discord slash command /placebet
  • More info on that

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Licensed GPL-3.0-only
Published 2 years ago
Updated 7 days ago