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The official plugin/mod for the Minecraft Authentication service.

Automatically whitelist your server

This plugin/mod can completely automate your subscriber/follower/patron server whitelist process. Users simply link their accounts at and join your server. If they don't have a proper subscription to join your server, they're denied entry. Otherwise, game on.

Control server access based on 3rd-party services

  • Has specified Discord role? DiscordRole(000000000000000000) (requires Discord bot present in server)
  • Is in specified Discord server? DiscordServer(000000000000000000) (requires Discord bot present in server)
  • Is following you on Twitch? TwitchFollower()
  • Is subscribed to you on Twitch? TwitchSubscriber()
  • Is a tier 2 subscriber to you on Twitch? TwitchSubscriber(2)
  • Is a YouTube subscriber? YouTubeSubscriber()
  • Is a YouTube channel member (paid subscription)? YouTubeMember()
  • Is a member of your Patreon campaign? PatreonMember()
  • Is a member of your Patreon campaign at level "Diamond"? PatreonMember("Diamond")
  • Is sponsoring you on Glimpse? GlimpseSponsor()
  • Is sponsoring you on Glimpse with the "minecraft" tier? GlimpseSponsor("minecraft")

Not enough customization? Combine conditions.

Listing multiple conditions will allow access if any condition passes

Your staff team doesn't need to be a subscriber to join your server (though they should...)

  - TwitchSubscriber()
  # multiple conditions = OR
  - DiscordRole("staff")


  1. Head over to and link all of your relevant accounts
  2. Install the Bukkit plugin for Bukkit/Spigot/Paper-based servers or the respective Forge/Sponge mod for your version
  3. Start the server to generate a fresh config
  4. Replace token on the first line of your config with the text from
  5. Configure your entry conditions as you'd like
  6. Run /minecraftauth reload in-game to load your changes and start controlling entry to your server


  • Other plugins/mods you have installed are also able to control access to the server at the same time as Minecraft Authentication. If you have a ban plugin, your ban plugin will still be able to deny banned players.
  • Ensure any other whitelisting systems, including plugins, mods, and vanilla whitelist, are disabled if you only want Minecraft Authentication to control entry.

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