A mirai bot for Minecraft servers.

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MiraiMC is a mirai bot for Minecraft servers

Mirai is a high-performance multi-platform library, as well as a framework, providing protocol support for Tencent QQ.
Mirai is designed to handle all sorts of messaging works that can be automatically done by bots in a perfect way.
Tencent QQ: A modern messaging software used by all Chinese netizens.


  • Support Bukkit/Sponge servers.
  • Support BungeeCord/Velocity proxies.
  • Optimized for GUI-less OS such as Linux
  • Dynamically load dependent libraries to minimize file size.

Getting Started (Server)

Download MiraiMC from "Featured versions" part. Then install it like installing other plugins.

Configure any plugins' that depend on MiraiMC (if any) and login to your bot account

A more detailed tutorial can be found here: https://docs.miraimc.dreamvoid.me/

Getting Started (Plugin Developer)





implementation 'io.github.dreamvoid:MiraiMC-Integration:1.8.2'

Commands and permissions


Command Description Permissions
/mirai MiraiMC Robot Command miraimc.command.mirai
/mirai login <account> <password> [protocol] Log in to a robot (you can execute this command multiple times to log in to multiple robots) miraimc.command.mirai.login
/mirai logout <account> Log out and close a bot miraimc.command.mirai.logout
/mirai list List currently online bots miraimc.command.mirai.list
/mirai sendfriendmessage <account> <friend> <message> Send a message to a specified friend miraimc.command.mirai.sendfriendmessage
/mirai sendfriendnudge <account> <friend> Send a stamp to a specified friend miraimc.command.mirai.sendfriendnudge
/mirai sendgroupmessage <account> <group> <message> Send a message to the specified group miraimc.command.mirai.sendgroupmessage
/mirai checkonline <account> Check if the specified robot is online miraimc.command.mirai.checkonline
/mirai autologin add <account> <password> [protocol] Add an autologin robot account miraimc.command.mirai.autologin
/mirai autologin remove <account> Remove an autologin bot account miraimc.command.mirai.autologin
/mirai autologin list View autologin robot account list miraimc.command.mirai.autologin
/miraimc MiraiMC Plugin Command miraimc.command.miraimc
/miraimc bind add <player> <QQ> Add binding for player and QQ number miraimc.command.miraimc.bind
/miraimc bind getplayer <player> Get the QQ number bound to the specified player name miraimc.command.miraimc.bind
/miraimc bind getqq <QQ> Get the player name bound to the specified QQ number miraimc.command.miraimc.bind
/miraimc bind removeplayer <player> Removes a player's bind miraimc.command.miraimc.bind
/miraimc bind removeqq <QQ> Delete the binding of a QQ number miraimc.command.miraimc.bind
/miraimc reload Reload configuration file miraimc.command.miraimc.reload


Permission Node Description Default
miraimc.command.mirai Allow use of /mirai OP
miraimc.command.mirai.* Allow all subcommands of /mirai OP
miraimc.command.mirai.login Allow /mirai login OP
miraimc.command.mirai.logout Allow /mirai logout OP
miraimc.command.mirai.list Allow /mirai list OP
miraimc.command.mirai.sendfriendmessage Allow /mirai sendfriendmessage OP
miraimc.command.mirai.sendfriendnudge Allow /mirai sendfriendnudge OP
miraimc.command.mirai.sendgroupmessage Allow /mirai sendgroupmessage OP
miraimc.command.mirai.checkonline Allow /mirai checkonline OP
miraimc.command.mirai.autologin Allow /mirai autologin OP
miraimc.command.miraimc Allow use of /miraimc OP
miraimc.command.miraimc.* Allow all subcommands of /miraimc OP
miraimc.command.miraimc.bind Allow /miraimc bind and subcommands OP
miraimc.command.miraimc.reload Allow /miraimc reload OP


GNU Affero General Public License v3.0


Thanks to the following people/teams/projects for their contributions to MiraiMC!

  • mamoe/mirai: Powerful QQ robot support library, the core and foundation of MiraiMC.
  • lucko/helper: Provide MiraiMC with a solution to dynamically load the mirai core.
  • brettwooldridge/HikariCP: An efficient SQL connection pool, providing database connection solutions for MiraiMC.
  • Anon8281/UniversalScheduler: Provide MiraiMC with a solution for using asynchronous threads in Folia.
  • LT_Name: Optimized a lot of Nukkit code for MiraiMC, also provided a lot of help for MiraiMC.
  • You.

DreamVoid and MiraiMC, made with ❤.

This file is a translated version of the original file, and some semantics may differ from the original file.

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