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PermaVision is a well-made Minecraft plugin designed to allow everyone to access Minecraft Fullbright even if they cannot/do not know how to install it themselves!

Detailed Breakdown


  • Light-weight
  • Open Source
  • Latest Minecraft Version (1.19.4)
  • Detailed Configuration
  • Brilliant Support
  • User Feature Requests on GitHub
  • Regular Updates when needed

... and so much more!


  1. To obtain the PermaVision JAR file, download it from the Spigot page.
  2. Locate the /plugins/ folder on your Minecraft server. For compatibility, it is necessary to use Spigot or a suitable variant/fork of Spigot.
  3. Copy over the PermaVision JAR file to the /plugins directory on your server.
  4. Restart the server. Do not use /reload on EssentialsX servers. This command is not supported and you will be rejected on all support tickets if you have been found using this command and you have experienced an error.
  5. Find the PermaVision folder in the plugins directory. You should expect it to generate when the server starts. In the case you have restarted your server and are unable to locate the folder, kindly reach out to the support team: we're happy to help!
  6. Customize the configuration according to your preferences. The config.yml file provides detailed documentation for all values. Additionally, this is the appropriate stage to include the names of users who require night vision in the players list.
  7. Save the Configuration file. This can usually be done easily with CTRL+S on Windows keyboards.
  8. Restart the server once again. The reload command (/pv reload) can be used as an alternative but isn't recommended.

Once you have completed the installation process, the plugin should be fully functional without any issues. However, if you do encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to reach out to our support team on GitHub or Discord (coming soon). Even if you believe the issue may be on your end, we are more than happy to provide assistance with any aspect of the plugin. It's worth noting that this is my first plugin and there may be some issues that arise. Additionally, this is also the first time I have worked with the Java programming language, which is the language used to develop Spigot plugins. As a result, adding new features may be a bit challenging for me, but I will always do my best to provide the best possible support.


Please note this configuration example only provides the settings themselves, and not any comments provided with the plugin.

enabled: true
advertisement: false 
debug: false
language: en_UK

- "ExampleJavaUser"
- ".ExampleBedrockUser"

version: "1.0"

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