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Toggle PvP plugin that protects pets, mounts and more!

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  • Per-player PvP Toggle
  • Global PvP override, allowing to ignore personal toggles temporarily
  • Block all forms of player-induced damage when PvP off
  • Block damage done to pets and mounts when PvP off
  • Block the ability to pour lava and set fire under player's feet
  • Block channeling tridents spawning fire under players with PvP off
  • Block fishing pole pulling for players with PvP off
  • Pets do not attack players with PvP off
  • Configurable PvP protection after login
  • Configurable PvP protection after teleport
  • Kill players that logged out during combat
  • Block specific commands while in combat
  • Block teleports in combat (might cause issues with some plugins)
  • Toggles for eggs and snowballs applying knockback
  • Extensive developer API