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Create group voice chat channels. Keep talking with players far away.

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Server-side Plasmo Voice add-on.

Create group voice chat channels. Keep talking with players far away.

Groups are managed via chat commands. GUI client side add-on coming soon™.

Groups can be password protected, or only allow player with certain permissions.


You can install this add-on as either (Paper, Fabric, Forge) OR (Bungee, Velocity) mod/plugin

If you install it as a Bungee or Velocity plugin then groups will work for players an all servers.

Players can talk while beeing on different servers.

Basic usage

Create a group and invite players

  1. Open Plasmo Voice menu V (by default), go to the Activation tab and configure the Groups activation.
  2. Use a command to create a group /groups create [...flags]
  3. Invite players to the group /groups invite <player>
  4. Use the activation to talk in the group.

Browsing groups

You can browse public groups using a command: /groups or /groups browse


You can use flags when creating a group to change the settings.

For example: /groups create name: The Boys password: qwerty1245 persistent: true permissions: group.theboys

All flags are optional and the order doesn't matter.

name: and password: are quite obvious.

persistent: makes it so that the group is not automatically deleted when it's empty or after the server restart.

permissions: only allow players with a certain permission to join.

You can set multiple permissions: permissions: group.admin, group.moderator

Flag permissions

Flag Permission Default
name pv.addon.groups.flag.name True
password pv.addon.groups.flag.password True
persistent pv.addon.groups.flag.persistent OP
permissions pv.addon.groups.flag.permissions OP


/groups or /groups browse [page] — Browse groups.

/groups create [...flags] — Create a group.

/groups invite <player> — Invite a player to the group.

/groups join <group UUID> [password] — Join the group. Not recommended to use manually. Used from browse or invite.

/groups info — Show info about the current group.

/groups leave — Leave the current group.

/groups set <flag> <value> — Set a flag value for a current group.

/groups unset <flag> — Set flag to a default value.

/groups delete — Delete the current group.

/groups transfer <player> — Transfer the ownership of the group to a different player.


Permission Description Default
pv.activation.groups Use groups activation True
pv.addon.groups.browse Use /groups browse True
pv.addon.groups.browse.all Groups are visible even if player doesn't have a permission to join OP
pv.addon.groups.create Use /groups create True
pv.addon.groups.invite.member Use /groups invite if member True
pv.addon.groups.invite.owner Use /groups invite if owner True
pv.addon.groups.join Use /groups join True
pv.addon.groups.join.all Use /groups join and bypass password and permission check OP
pv.addon.groups.info.member Use /groups info if member True
pv.addon.groups.info.owner Use /groups info if owner True
pv.addon.groups.leave Use /groups leave True
pv.addon.groups.set.owner Use /groups set if owner True
pv.addon.groups.set.all Use /groups set in any group OP
pv.addon.groups.unset.owner Use /groups unset if owner True
pv.addon.groups.unset.all Use /groups unset in any group OP
pv.addon.groups.delete.owner Use /groups delete if owner True
pv.addon.groups.delete.all Use /groups delete in any group OP
pv.addon.groups.transfer.owner Use /groups transfer if owner True
pv.addon.groups.transfer.all Use /groups transfer in any group OP

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