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Our first minor release of the year fixes particles sometimes not appearing above NPCs' heads (provided the client has particles enabled). It also retires code which handled old string formats for objective messages, so regenerating your /lang folder is highly recommended for this release. This is especially true for Chinese localization, even if it's not your server's default language.

Thanks for choosing Quests!

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Quests 5 has landed! Those of you coming from last release will find updates to the Quest Compass and custom objectives. The rarely-used /qa pointsall command was also removed. For those of you joining us from Quests 4, the important thing to know is that much has changed under the hood, so you'll need to update any integrations like modules.

With this release, the Quests plugin is now considered feature-complete. Future updates will be focused on bug fixes, but pull requests continue to be welcomed on Github. If you would like to see Quests on other platforms, consider helping reach the (thank you for your continued support).

As always, thanks for choosing Quests!

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Development builds of ZNPCsPlus which support Minecraft 1.20 have been tested compatible with this release (thanks, D3v1s0m). Storage files have been moved to an aptly-named subfolder, and a new format for quest IDs ('000001' instead of 'custom1') will be the standard going forward. Players losing connection during a reach-location objective will now retain their progress upon return. As always, kindly let us know of any problems you encounter through Github.

Thanks for choosing Quests!

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All reported bugs have been squashed for this pre-release, and a good majority of resources have been updated for compatibility with Quests 5. Now would be a good time to update for those whom skipped—or had trouble with—the last one. Our next few releases will mainly focus on quality-of-life improvements and new features, but please continue to inform us of any concerns on Github or Discord.

Thanks for choosing Quests!

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Did you know that plums were one of the first fruits humans domesticated? While it took thousands of years to breed new varieties, we plan to get Quests 5.0.0 out to you in just a few pre-releases. This initial candidate doesn’t change much with the interface, but alters nearly everything under the hood, so please be aware that your existing add-ons will need to be updated!

In fact, we believe that enough has been changed since the initial release of Quests that it qualifies as a unique offering. Starting with this update, the project is now licensed under MIT, which basically means it’s never been easier for developers to contribute! Our fellow code monkeys should also note that the internal package name has changed to me.pikamug.quests and all deprecated methods have been removed. Please direct any questions to Github or Discord.

Thanks for choosing Quests!

For changes in this version, see

Yuzu Update

by PikaMug on Jun 18, 2023

Similar to a slow-growing plant, this update rewards your patience with something beautiful: confirmed support for Minecraft 1.20, plus a number of bug fixes. Empty book titles are now permissible in quests, and the cancel-timer action will no longer fail players (use fail-quest instead). Quests is now available in Bulgarian, along with its documentation, both of which were translated by a handsome, unnamed individual.

This version's updates include:

  • Book titles can be null
  • Cancel timer does not auto-fail quest
  • Reveal display names and update library
  • Permit yes/no input from source or client
  • Update AstralBooks to latest version by @NicoNeko

New languages completed via Crowdin:

  • Bulgarian (translator asked not to be credited)

As per usual, a few prickly problems have been resolved in this release. The newly released ZNPCsPlus 1.0.6 (a fork of ZNPCs) can now be used in place of Citizens for packet-based NPCs. Support for Party and Friends Extended Edition for Bungeecord/Velocity (not the free version) has been added through Unite, although untested. Please continue to report bugs on Github.

This version's updates include:

  • Limit tameable mob selection
  • Check quest reqs despite number completed
  • More descriptive module failure notice
  • Prevent item place during brew obj
  • Experimental support for ZNPCsPlus
  • Update locale library
  • Require plugin at offer creation

This release treats a few problems introduced to quest requirements from the previous update. A fix for the loading of tame objectives restores the hunt for every pet-worthy mob, from Camel to Wolf. Moreover, if you need to abandon the quest, that should no longer be an issue with this version.

This version's updates include:

  • Ignore quest requirements if empty
  • Fix loading of underscored mobs-to-tame
  • Pass plugin to abandon prompt

We have traveled far by camelback to bring you another juicy update, this time tested with Minecraft 1.19.4 and experimental features! Our steed stepped on a number of bugs along the way, and developers will note a few code changes scattered among the sands. You can now toggle whether to show completed objectives in your config file.

This version's updates include:

  • NEW show completed objectives setting
  • Deny actions and conditions not installed
  • Prompt formatting cleanup
  • Refactor prompt names
  • Change modified note strings
  • Improve NPC UUID prompts
  • Increment objective index before continue
  • Better quality objective display method
  • Update locale library
  • Update NPC ID-related exception messages
  • Prevent double party kill obj increment
  • Stop matching kill obj to progress maker
  • Correct default return of item prompt
  • Cleaner quest accept prompt input
  • Deny physical journal to Chiseled Bookshelf
  • CitizensBooks is now AstralBooks
  • Update repo for AstralBooks by NicoNeko
  • Quest requirements must be loaded as ID
  • Cleaner data in item prompt

Ulu Update

by PikaMug on Feb 23, 2023

Aloha! This release is considerably bigger than the last one, fixing compatibility with older Minecraft versions and introducing two juicy new conditions! We're also glad to support Party and Friends Extended for Spigot (not for Bungeecord/Velocity) and resolve an issue with general party integration.

This version's updates include:

  • Correct loading on legacy servers
  • NEW while within ticks condition
  • NEW while wearing condition
  • Fire fail action synchronously
  • Fix external party plugin support
  • Support Party and Friends for Spigot using Unite

Tomato Update

by PikaMug on Jan 28, 2023

As we continue to revel in the new year, our resolution of improving Quests is already bearing fruit... or is it bearing vegetables? Either way, this tiny Tomato Update is good for you!

This version's updates include:

  • Fix NPC particles
  • Avoid exception on unpopulated lang files

We hope those of you whom celebrate had an easy time taking down the Christmas tree, and the precarious decorations whether they be high or low. Those of you whom tuned in to the Lucuma Update notes won't be shocked that we've eliminated PhatLoots integration, but it's all right—a free module is available. Developers, be advised that we removed the old confirmation setting fields forever.

This version's updates include:

  • Descriptive error for null file objects
  • Support placeholders in ask message
  • Return cancelled objective events
  • Clean up spacing
  • Add debug console logging for party count
  • Catch missing Citizens for kill IDs
  • Finalize matching item display workaround
  • Add view effect event
  • Actions ignore extra command parameters
  • Remove PhatLoots integration in favor of module
  • Explicitly set config header
  • Trigger legacy material support at startup
  • Remove deprecated confirmation setting

Quince Update

by PikaMug on Nov 28, 2022

This update serves a few improvements to nibble on, from more clickable prompts to compatibility with the latest versions of Heroes (free or premium). How custom item names are handled in the Quest Journal has been made more palatable, and repeat-clicking blocks to start a quest will no longer gobble up your chat lines. Enjoy!

This version's updates include:

  • Update dependencies
  • Use item display names in Quest Journal
  • Prevent multiple block start attempts
  • Re-add more clickable prompts
  • Skip help output of choice command

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