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As always, we keep it updated with bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • debug startup flag was added, when it set to true, the shop will update their signs when shop enter the loaded state from unloaded state, This will result in lower performance, but will improve the update lag of the signs. Startup use only on servers that are confirmed to have this issue.
  • [ADDON] Reremake-Migrator now able to migrate QuickShopBan addon's data.
  • [ADDON] Reremake-Migrator now able to migrate QuickShop-Reremake's transaction logs into database.


  • Reintroduced an optimized StackWalker API to improve the performance of the background logger. This contribution was submitted by @SirYwell. 👍


  • In new QuickShop-Hikari installations, transaction logs are now logged to the database by default instead of the qs.log file, and you can manually change the configuration file to restore the original behavior.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Inventory Holder isValid() check issue
  • Disabled the BlockState fetching optimization for the Paper platform, which seems to no longer be needed since the 1.16 update, when the speed of the BS API was significantly improved, and was causing inconsistent fetched state errors.
  • Fixed the issue where the display of some words in the store information board did not follow the language setting.
  • Fixed plugin crash when ProtocolLib not installed and display-type was set to VIRUAL_DISPLAYITEM.

Summary by CodeRabbit

  • Dependency Updates

    • Updated quickshop-hikari dependency across multiple modules.
    • Updated BlueMapAPI, Plan, ChestProtectAPI, EcoEnchants, LandsAPI, openinvapi, worldedit-bukkit, Reforges, towny, item-nbt-api-plugin, specialsource-maven-plugin, placeholderapi, EconomyCore, csvjdbc, slf4j-jdk14, commons-text, commons-compress, and various net.kyori artifacts to their latest versions.
  • New Features

    • Introduced new search functionality for transaction logs in the reremake-migrator module.
    • Added a new MockPlugin class for mocking plugin behavior.
    • Implemented a new ShopLogsMigrate class for migrating shop logs to a database.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed null-safe comparison in griefprevention compatibility module.
  • Refactor

    • Simplified error handling in VirtualDisplayItemManager.
    • Streamlined isValid method in BukkitInventoryWrapper.
    • Enhanced double chest handling in BukkitInventoryWrapperManager.
    • Removed unnecessary asynchronous behavior in Util and Log classes.
    • Adjusted PerfMonitor to use Log.Caller directly.
  • Documentation, Style, Tests, Chores, Revert

    • No specific end-user facing changes noted in these categories.


QuickShop-Hikari- MiB) Primary Download
Addon-BlueMap- KiB) Download
Addon-DiscordSRV- KiB) Download
Addon-Discount- KiB) Download
Addon-DisplayControl- KiB) Download
Addon-Dynmap- KiB) Download
Addon-Limited- KiB) Download
Addon-List- KiB) Download
Addon-Plan- KiB) Download
Addon-Reremake-Migrator- KiB) Download
Addon-ShopItemOnly- KiB) Download
Compat-AdvancedRegionMarket- KiB) Download
Compat-AngelChest- KiB) Download
Compat-BentoBox- KiB) Download
Compat-BungeeCord- KiB) Download
Compat-BungeeCord-Geyser- KiB) Download
Compat-ChestProtect- KiB) Download
Compat-Clearlag- KiB) Download
Compat-EcoEnchants- KiB) Download
Compat-EliteMobs- KiB) Download
Compat-GriefPrevention- KiB) Download
Compat-Lands- KiB) Download
Compat-OpenInv- KiB) Download
Compat-PlotSquared- KiB) Download
Compat-Reforges- KiB) Download
Compat-Residence- KiB) Download
Compat-SuperiorSkyblock- KiB) Download
Compat-Towny- KiB) Download
Compat-Velocity- KiB) Download
Compat-WorldEdit- KiB) Download
Compat-WorldGuard- KiB) Download

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