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by Ghost_chu on Feb 22, 2024

Bug Fixes

  1. On some server platform, database sources settings may not read properly.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 22, 2024

Bug Fixes

  1. Plugin may crashed on startup due incorrect configuration upgrade script.
  2. (Try-to) fix double-chest may cannot detect another half-part items.
  3. [COMPACT] GriefPrevention compatibility module may crash on startup if build don't have ClaimResizeEvent.

Summary by CodeRabbit

  • New Features
    • Enhanced logging in the GriefPrevention compatibility module for better startup and event handling visibility.
    • Improved error handling in the configuration reload process to ensure stability.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with handling DoubleChest instances in inventory management, ensuring proper functionality.
  • Chores
    • Updated dependencies to the latest version ( across various modules for improved performance and compatibility.
    • Adjusted configuration scripts to accommodate new donation key handling.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 14, 2024

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed top N valuable customers query
  2. Fixed Minecraft vanilla bug can break the shop container
  3. (Try to-) fix the GriefPrevention compat's permission override
  4. Fixed ItemFlag may not respected.

( is a hot patch for

by Ghost_chu on Feb 7, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed /quickshop history command will stuck when user using MySQL.


  • The store now saves after startup only after modifications have occurred.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 6, 2024

If you meet HikariPool-1 - Connection is not available, request timed out after 30000ms. errors in past versions, please upgrade to this version and see if it still happening, and join our Discord server to participate in the discussion of the issue. We are investigating this issue and releasing mitigation measures.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NoClassDefError on Paper 1.20.1 (It's definitely fixed this time :) )


  • Resolved SQL query performance to avoid performing full table scans and causing severe query performance degradation


  • Temporarily deactivated statistical metrics about the database, which we found were blocking in the main server thread and triggering a server crash when there were problems with the database connection
  • Add performance indicators for newly added ShopHistory-related queries to provide feedback on query performance in Paste.
  • Adjust logger to reduce useless logging.
  • Added several debug subcommands to check for database performance issues and HikariCP related issues.
  • Changed ShopHistory related queries from parallel to serial and limited the number of simultaneous executions to 1 to avoid completely exhausting all available connections to HikariCP and crashing the plugin.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 5, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed shop history query use database executor, causes a deadlock on execution resources and results in a query execution failure
  • Fixed an issue where the default HikariCP pool parameters in the configuration file were incorrect, now incorrect configuration keys and configuration values will be automatically migrated and adjusted. Care should be taken to avoid accidental value changes if you have changed the relevant parameters manually.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 5, 2024


  • We have noticed that the new /quickshop history feature is applying more database pressure due to log_purchase not being configured with proper indexing. This hot patch will create an index for log_purchase to alleviate the performance issue.
    • If you still continue to experience query performance issues after this update, please join our Discord to provide feedback.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 4, 2024

This is a hot-patch for major update.


  1. [ADDON] Reremake-Migrator doesn't work with
  2. [ADDON] BlueMap Addon doesn't work (NullPointerException)
  3. [ADDON] ItemsAdder Addon don't load due package name changes

Although all updates is addon related, but you also need update QuickShop-Hikari it self.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 3, 2024
Download Major Update - Furina


Focalors & Furina, Artist Tiko

For the Lunar New Year, QuickShop-Hikari has received a new major update that includes several feature updates for large networks and transaction-oriented servers. At the same time, we also fixed some bugs.

New Features

Shop History

The new Shop History feature allows you to open a store history panel for all past trade requests that have occurred in this store.
At the same time, you will be able to see your Most Valuable Customers, showing those players who have made the most transactions in your store.
The panel also will allow you to view the number and value of transactions for the last 24h, 3d, 7d, 30d, all-time, and unique purchasers count.
This feature is based on a long-existing transaction logging system, so after you upgrade, you can view the transaction history that created before the upgrade.

Change the shop sign material

New command /quickshop sign <material> that allow users to change their shop's info sign material.

Transfer Shop Ownership

Added New command /quickshop transferownership for shop transfer.

  • This new command will allow player request to transfer a shop to another player, without re-create the shop.
  • To complete the transfer, the requested player must accept the transfer request.
  • To avoid ambiguity, the old /quickshop transfer command is now renamed /quickshop transferall.

Price Suggestion

New command /quickshop suggestprice that calculates the most expensive price, the cheapest price, the average price, and the median price for other stores on this server that have the same items and selling patterns as the current store, so that players can set appropriate prices for their stores.


  • [Addon][Discoumt] New command /quickshop discount listall
    • The new command allows server administrators to list all discount codes on the server for better management.
  • [Addon][Slimefun] New Addon to allow the use Item Expression to reference a Slimefun items.
  • [Addon][ItemAdder] New Addon to allow the use Item Expression to reference a ItemAdder items.
  • [Addon][Lands] Now supports deleting all stores in Land when it's deleted.
  • [Addon][List] The command /quickshop list are now presented in a paged format, and you can toggle the paging by appending a number. No more crowding the chat box when there are tons of stores.


  • Added new configuration item,,, to allow you disable some information on shop info panel to avoid too much data crowned your chat.


  • Added delete confirmation for [Remove Shop] button in shop control panel.


  • Improved checking of the best mirror source, which now gains speed and enables correct use of the best mirror source to resolve plugin dependencies. This is a significant improvement for users in mainland China.
    • Multiplexing of libraries cached by the Spigot Libraries Loader (SERVER_ROOT/libraries) is now supported to reduce network requests and traffic consumption.

Refactor / Changes

  • Introduced a new registry system and plan to convert more modules to use this system in the future.
  • The control panel now suggest new /quickshop transferownership instead /quickshop setowner.
  • API to Shop#getRemainingStock and Shop#getRemaingingSpace now supports async call, to retrieve cached data from database.

Bug Fixes

  • EconomyFormatter may use incorrect currency to format the balance.
  • Fix NoClassDefError on some Paper 1.20.2 instances. (hopefully)
  • Fixed the command sounds doesn't work at all
  • Fixed tab-complete doesn't work for non-operator players.
  • Fixed respect-item-flag option doesn't work.


  • [Addon][DiscordSRV] Re-build with DiscordSRV 1.27.0 to fix linked accounts related features.
  • [Addon][DiscordSRV] Fixed messages may send twice for shop owners.

by Ghost_chu on Jan 14, 2024


  • EcoEnchants fixes missing enchantments, QuickShop-Hikari now works with EcoEnchants 12.2.1 or later, and the compatibility module works properly.
  • The ability for users to disable the built-in dependency resolver via startup flag and fallback to SpigotLibraryLoader by copying the list of dependencies into the libraries field of plugin.yml helps to solve the Aether illegal access issue reported on Mohist. We are still working with the Mohist developers to resolve this issue. MC 1.20.4 or later builds of Mohist are not affected by this issue.

by Ghost_chu on Jan 8, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed relocation bug that caused addons reporting NoClassDefFoundError/ClassCastException.
  • Fixed decimal-format always report the language key is missing.

by Ghost_chu on Jan 5, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed broken DiscordSRV addon (maybe also other 3rd-party addons).
  • Fixed China Geo detection for optimized libraries resolver doesn't work if CloudFlare services cannot be accessed (which is common in China mainland).

by Ghost_chu on Jan 5, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed /qs permisison doesn't save the changes
  • Fixed plugin on Paper 1.20.1 may report NoClassDefException.


  • SpigotLibraryLoader is abandoned and dependency resolution is now handled by QuickShop-Hikari itself.
  • Added mirror for dependency resolution for server in China.
    • Users in China will use Maven Central mirrors from Aliyun, Tencent Cloud, and NetEase to accelerate dependency resolution.
    • Users in Global will keep the original (Maven Central) repository.

by Ghost_chu on Jan 3, 2024

Fixed a security issue:

Missing store ownership check when a player modifies a user's store permissions using the /qs permission command. This allows the user to take over arbitrary store permissions, including the administrator store.

This patch will not revoke permissions, you will need to do a check on the store's already set Per-player permissions property to avoid pre-existing exploits. For past versions, you can disable the command interface for the per-player permission system to avoid new exploits /lp group default permission set quickshop.permission false. However, upgrading is still recommended.

Considering that this security vulnerability allows for store privilege escalation (including unlimited stores, aka AdminShop) and allows for the modification of store transaction contents, prices, and disruption of the server's economic system, we strongly recommend that you plan an update immediately and utilize LuckPerms through the guide to disable this feature before you maintain it.

by Ghost_chu on Jan 2, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • /qs reload will cause OngoingFeeWatcher to be executed early
    • Repeated execution of restarting the server is within the design.
  • Fixed an issue where store owners would not automatically grant ADMINISTRATOR permissions.

Summary by CodeRabbit

  • Dependency Updates

    • Updated quickshop-hikari to version
    • Upgraded Maven compiler plugin to version 3.12.1.
    • Updated versions-maven-plugin to version 2.16.2.
    • Incremented EcoEnchants to version 11.2.0.
    • Updated eco to version 6.68.0.
    • Upgraded LandsAPI to version 6.42.15.
    • Updated towny to version
    • Incremented EconomyCore dependency to version
  • Refactor

    • Modified permission handling logic in ContainerShop.
    • Adjusted module reload process in QuickShop.

by Ghost_chu on Dec 19, 2023

This is a quick update to prevent QuickShop-Hikari running on server which installed EcoEnchants v11+ to avoid data corruption.
Also updated Adventure Lib to 4.15.0 for MC 1.20.3+ compatibility.

by Ghost_chu on Dec 10, 2023

This update introduces support for Spigot 1.20.4.

New Features

  • 1.20.4 supports
    • You may need update ProtocolLib to ProtocolLib#675 or higher if you're running a 1.20.4 server.
    • You may need update NBT-API to 2.12.2-SNAPSHOT or higher if you're running a 1.20.4 server, you can download from QuickShop-Hikari's support channel or click here

by Ghost_chu on Nov 16, 2023

As always, we keep it updated with bug fixes and performance improvements.


  • debug startup flag was added, when it set to true, the shop will update their signs when shop enter the loaded state from unloaded state, This will result in lower performance, but will improve the update lag of the signs. Startup use only on servers that are confirmed to have this issue.
  • [ADDON] Reremake-Migrator now able to migrate QuickShopBan addon's data.
  • [ADDON] Reremake-Migrator now able to migrate QuickShop-Reremake's transaction logs into database.


  • Reintroduced an optimized StackWalker API to improve the performance of the background logger. This contribution was submitted by @SirYwell. 👍


  • In new QuickShop-Hikari installations, transaction logs are now logged to the database by default instead of the qs.log file, and you can manually change the configuration file to restore the original behavior.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Inventory Holder isValid() check issue
  • Disabled the BlockState fetching optimization for the Paper platform, which seems to no longer be needed since the 1.16 update, when the speed of the BS API was significantly improved, and was causing inconsistent fetched state errors.
  • Fixed the issue where the display of some words in the store information board did not follow the language setting.
  • Fixed plugin crash when ProtocolLib not installed and display-type was set to VIRUAL_DISPLAYITEM.

Summary by CodeRabbit

  • Dependency Updates

    • Updated quickshop-hikari dependency across multiple modules.
    • Updated BlueMapAPI, Plan, ChestProtectAPI, EcoEnchants, LandsAPI, openinvapi, worldedit-bukkit, Reforges, towny, item-nbt-api-plugin, specialsource-maven-plugin, placeholderapi, EconomyCore, csvjdbc, slf4j-jdk14, commons-text, commons-compress, and various net.kyori artifacts to their latest versions.
  • New Features

    • Introduced new search functionality for transaction logs in the reremake-migrator module.
    • Added a new MockPlugin class for mocking plugin behavior.
    • Implemented a new ShopLogsMigrate class for migrating shop logs to a database.
  • Bug Fixes

    • Fixed null-safe comparison in griefprevention compatibility module.
  • Refactor

    • Simplified error handling in VirtualDisplayItemManager.
    • Streamlined isValid method in BukkitInventoryWrapper.
    • Enhanced double chest handling in BukkitInventoryWrapperManager.
    • Removed unnecessary asynchronous behavior in Util and Log classes.
    • Adjusted PerfMonitor to use Log.Caller directly.
  • Documentation, Style, Tests, Chores, Revert

    • No specific end-user facing changes noted in these categories.

by Ghost_chu on Oct 14, 2023

This is a cumulative update to fix bug reports received since the last LTS release.


We have partnered with the developers of Mohist and worked on improving the stability of QuickShop-Hikari on Hybird Server.

In the latest Mohist 1.20.1/.2 you can run QuickShop-Hikari perfectly and QuickShop-Hikari protects its store containers from being accessed by other mods pipes or machines.

Also, in the latest version of Mohist 1.20.1/.2, QuickShop-Hikari is able to use most of the Mod containers as store containers.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed annoying NPE error when loading a store that is in an unloaded world during startup, althrough it won't cause any actual issues.
  2. [Addon] Fixed an issue where the item stack amount setting was not preserved for stores that migrated from Reremake.


  1. Disabling the H2 compatibility warning on Mohist will test H2 to work fine on Mohist.
  2. Added /quickshop debug reset-shop-caches subcommand to allow user purge all caches from memory to debugging the cache issues.


To inform you of warnings about QuickShop-Hikari in accordance with our Privacy Transparency Policy.

We received a data breach alert from the Rollbar* cloud service informing us that our Access Token (post_server_items) had been compromised and a forced reset was performed on our affected Token, not only QuickShop-Hikari but also QuickShop-Reremake affected.
However, our Access Token (post_server_items) is distributed with Jar, so whether it was compromised or not doesn't affect us in any way - it's inherently public and we use it for public purposes. As a result, this forced reset caused the Rollbar to no longer be able to report bugs in older versions of QuickShop-Hikari, where we distributed the new Access Token (post_server_items).

We practice our privacy policy and therefore all submitted data is submitted in the minimal sample and anonymized. Your data is therefore not affected. Although no QuickShop-Hikari is actually affected, you can always disable the error log reporting feature if you want.

* Rollbar is a service used by QuickShop-Hikari AND QuickShop-Reremake that used for collecting error logs that generated by QuickShop plugin.
*This warning only affects developers who sign up for Rollbar (that's me), and based on current research, this warning has no effect on QuickShop users.

by Ghost_chu on Sep 24, 2023


Cheers! Catching up with the tail end of September, we're releasing the first of LTS build of Cyno before October rolls around.

An LTS release is a quality-proven version that we release every so often (usually for a longer period of time). Long-term stable support releases are selected by observing user reports, logging in automated bug reporters, and manual testing.

The LTS version is suitable for operation in large networks and production environments. It is recommended that you upgrade.

Upgrade from previous LTS (

  1. Read the change log of (Cyno), quick look at the major updates in version 5.x. You should also read the changelogs for all versions in between, if possible.
  2. Backup everyting including the databases and worlds.
  3. Upgrade QuickShop-Hikari and all Addons, Compacts, make sure they are the same version.
  4. Upgrade your NBTAPI to a appropriate version if you're on a Spigot server.
  5. Startup the server and check if everything is running correctly.

Tested under

  • Spigot 1.18.2 (EOL): CraftBukkit version 3498-Spigot-b081915-10ba1be (MC: 1.18.2) (Implementing API version 1.18.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
  • Paper 1.18.2 (EOL): Paper version git-Paper-388 (MC: 1.18.2) (Implementing API version 1.18.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: fc9ee65 on ver/1.18.2)
  • Spigot 1.19.1 (EOL): CraftBukkit version 3563-Spigot-2183145-1e3bf58 (MC: 1.19.1) (Implementing API version 1.19.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
  • Paper 1.19.1 (EOL): Paper version git-Paper-111 (MC: 1.19.1) (Implementing API version 1.19.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: 02831e3)
  • Spigot 1.19.2 (EOL): CraftBukkit version 3610-Spigot-6198b5a-19df23a (MC: 1.19.2) (Implementing API version 1.19.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
  • Paper 1.19.2 (EOL): Paper version git-Paper-307 (MC: 1.19.2) (Implementing API version 1.19.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: 476ef25)
  • Spigot 1.19.3 (EOL): CraftBukkit version 3670-Spigot-454acb7-bd29f41 (MC: 1.19.3) (Implementing API version 1.19.3-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
  • Paper 1.19.3 (EOL): Paper version git-Paper-448 (MC: 1.19.3) (Implementing API version 1.19.3-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: 155aa36)
  • Spigot 1.19.4: CraftBukkit version 3763-Spigot-7d7b241-5a5e43e (MC: 1.19.4) (Implementing API version 1.19.4-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
  • Paper 1.19.4: Paper version git-Paper-550 (MC: 1.19.4) (Implementing API version 1.19.4-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: 483368e on ver/1.19.4)
  • Spigot 1.20.1: CraftBukkit version 3871-Spigot-d2eba2c-3f9263b (MC: 1.20.1) (Implementing API version 1.20.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
  • Paper 1.20.1: Paper version git-Paper-196 (MC: 1.20.1) (Implementing API version 1.20.1-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: 773dd72)
  • Spigot 1.20.2: CraftBukkit version 3877-Spigot-17ca32d-f070277 (MC: 1.20.2) (Implementing API version 1.20.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT)
  • Paper 1.20.2: Paper version git-Paper-197 (MC: 1.20.2) (Implementing API version 1.20.2-R0.1-SNAPSHOT) (Git: e284bb1)

For non-1.20.x versions of the Spigot server, you may need to manually download the appropriate NBTAPI plugin.

Versions marked as End Of Life will no longer provide active technical support and we strongly recommend that you upgrade as soon as possible.

The migration script for Hikari-3.x has been removed, so if you are upgrading from Hikari-3.x, please download the last stable version of Hikari-3.x that supports Hikari-3.x to upgrade, and then upgrade to this LTS version.

Changes between to

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 1.18.2, 1.19.1, 1.19.2 compatibilities.


We have always valued the privacy of our users, so to ensure our privacy transparency and your right to know, we have publicized changes to our data collection list. The following statistical metrics have been added to the data collection list.

  • Research - ProtocolLib Version
    • We collect this so we can know the which one ProtocolLib is popular. ProtocolLib sometimes releases destructive updates, so we collect this metric to know the distribution of ProtocolLib versions among users and remove unused ProtocolLib workaround code to improve code maintainability and program performance.
  • Statistic - Server Software Build Version
    • Spigot and Paper always release updates during their version support cycles. Counting the server-side software versions used by users lets us know which builds are popular. And it allows us to be more aggressive with newly added APIs, This can improve code maintainability, stability and program performance.
  • Research - Geyser
    • We've released the display control addon for Geyser users, but we're ultimately undecided about a Geyser-specific update. The data collected from this research allows us to analyze the QuickShop-Hikari user base to check if Geyser or Floodgate is installed, and with the percentage of users who have the statistics, we will decide whether to add support for Geyser GUIs and the like. We also welcome your feedback on our Discord server.

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