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Bug Fixes

  • Fixed exploit with shop items and certain functionality(thanks to bridgelol)
  • Temporarily disabled QS history while working on replacement due to errors end-users are running into.
  • Fixed issue with enchantment restrictions not detecting them in enchanted books(thanks toTauCubed)

What's Changed

Full Changelog:

by Ghost_chu on Jun 14, 2024

New Features

  1. 1.21 support

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed /qs clean may delete all stores
  2. Fixed /qs cleanghost may delete all stores

by Ghost_chu on Jun 8, 2024


  • Virtual Display Item available again when use ProtocolLib Build 710 and up, please update your ProtocolLib

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed display item check when using RealDisplayItem, the check may delete non-display item from player/container inventory if an item contains lore that is a valid JSON string. It should won't affcet most servers.
  2. Fixed /quickshop cleanghost won't delete the stores that trading blacklisted items

by Ghost_chu on May 29, 2024

Ahhh forget to update version number!

by Ghost_chu on May 29, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed entity explosion may not check attached block

Bug Fixes (

  • History GUI's paging button doesn't use translated text
  • 1.20.4/1.20.5 didn't use Spigot new potion API
  • The potion effect level in shop info panel always smaller one than actual level in RomanNumber
  • The blank lines may send to players when you set a translatable text to empty
  • Fixed quickshop.alert that should be use as quickshop.alerts in PlayerListener

by Ghost_chu on May 29, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • History GUI's paging button doesn't use translated text
  • 1.20.4/1.20.5 didn't use Spigot new potion API
  • The potion effect level in shop info panel always smaller one than actual level in RomanNumber
  • The blank lines may send to players when you set a translatable text to empty
  • Fixed quickshop.alert that should be use as quickshop.alerts in PlayerListener

by Ghost_chu on May 15, 2024

Warning! Due to Minecraft's major update to ItemStack, downgrading is not an option! Please backup all data before upgrading!

Reremake users: This is the last chance to complete your migration from Reremake to Hikari before you upgrade to 1.20.5/1.20.6. The migration requires QuickShop-Reremake to be up and running. After upgrading to 1.20.5/1.20.6, Reremake will no longer work properly.

1.18, 1.19 users: All versions 1.18 and 1.19 have been marked as “End Of Life” and these versions are no longer supported. It may be broken in a future update. Please consider upgrading to 1.20.x!


流萤 - Artist Nid417

It's been a long time! This release has been delayed several times due to huge changes in 1.20.5/1.20.6. But anyway, is here now!

New Features

  • 1.20.5/1.20.6 supports both for Spigot and Paper
    • The hover item preview function on Spigot 1.20.6 is not available at the moment, please click to access the GUI to preview the item
    • The virtual DisplayItem feature of 1.20.6 has been temporarily disabled because ProtocolLib has not been updated yet.
  • Display entity support for display-item
    • The use of ItemDisplay as a hover is now supported, which has better performance than RealDisplayItem (both for Server and Client). Set display-type to 3 to enable ItemDisplay entity
  • Displaying detailed levels of potion effects is now supported on 1.20.5+
  • /quickshop history enhance
    • New subcommands: /quickshop history owned, /quickshop history accessible and /quickshop history global to allow you query multiple stores transaction history in single query
      • owned: Select all shops which you're owner
      • accessible: Select all shops which you have per-shop permission to access the store history
      • global: Select all shops on this server (require permission)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed /quickshop benefit command may not save when remove users
  • Fixed chunks load/unload loop on specific Spigot versions when use RealDisplayItem
  • Fixed double-chest related issues
    • QuickShop may only recognizes half inventory of a DoubleChest store that spans a Chunk junction after chunk unload/server restart
    • When creating a store on a DoubleChest, symbolLink is always bound to the side with type=left, no matter which side of the DoubleChest the store cube is on. After the user destroys the corresponding side of the chest, the store will be invalidated.
  • Fixed the issue that some items in the History GUI could not be displayed because they were out of the GUI display range.
  • Fixed show-tax purchase messages doesn't show tax currency in message.


We added localized text and Tab completion to allow all users to use QuickShop-Hikari's built-in debugging tools.

These debug commands are for debugging purposes only and have no operational confirmation. Using them incorrectly may result in inconsistent status or loss of data. Figure out what happens before you execute them.

All commands are started with prefix: /quickshop debug

  • dev/debug/devmode: Toggle debug mode
  • signs: Print the coordinates of the all identifiable information sign for the store you are looking at
  • updateplayersigns <player name>: Refresh the contents of the store information boards in all designated players' stores.
  • force-shops-reload: Unload all loaded stores and re-load them (to refresh the state)
  • force-shoploader-reload: Unload and delete them from memory, then re-execute the ShopLoader sequence to reload all stores from the database.
  • check-shop-status/check-shop-debug: Prints quite useful store status debugging information to confirm the current state of the store in memory
  • toggle-shop-load-status: Simulate store loading/unloading without changing the chunks loading state
  • set-property: Register/change the Java property sheet to change specific behavior via property switch without touch startup command line (They are usually changed through the startup parameters). For security reasons, this command is restricted to change QuickShop-Hikari properties only, any request to change any other properties will be denied.
  • reset-shop-caches: Reset store lookup cache for benchmark/or debugging possible cache update issues
  • reset-dbmanager: Force reset of SQLManager, only for MySQL data sources, using this command on H2 will cause the plugin to crash
  • dump-db-connections: Dump SQLManager's Current Active Queries on chat.
  • stop-db-any-queries: Force close SQLManager's currently active queries.
  • toggle-db-debugmode: Toggles the debugging state of SQLManager and prints the executed SQL statements and performance timings on the console when SQLManager debug mode is enabled.
  • dump-hikaricp-status: Printing status information for HikariCP.
  • set-hikaricp-capacity: Dynamically change the size of HikariCP's connection pool to allow more connections to be fetched urgently.
  • item-info: Prints the NBT data for the item in hand (if any) and the item in the store (if any). If the item is in the hand and is looking at a store, it will also output the item match.
  • mark-all-shops-dirty: Forces all store change status indicators to be flagged as changes not saved in order to force a refresh of their current data into the database.
  • clean-display-entities: Scans all loaded blocks and removes any entities recognized as QuickShop DisplayItem. Useful when uncleared entities appear after changing the DisplayItem type.

Ko-fi supporters

Thanks to these friends on Ko-fi for their support in this update, they are:

  • GradynWursten(GNUGradyn)
  • Namiu
  • narumincho
  • lunar

(The names are in no particular order)

by Ghost_chu on Apr 21, 2024

Bug fixes

  1. Fixed H2 driver conflict on some server setup and cause the startup failure.

by Ghost_chu on Apr 17, 2024

Performance Improves

  • Optimized shop loading logic, significantly improved the loading speed of stores when the world loads, now skipping any unrelated stores.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NoClassDefError when starting up without ProtocolLib
  • Fixed cached stock/space API

by Ghost_chu on Apr 10, 2024

New Features

  • Added CoinsEngine Economy API support
  • Added Treasury Economy API support
  • [Compat] Added VoidChest compatibility module, contributed by @GeorgeV220 (first contribution)


  • Number formatting now follows player's locale
  • Messages now will delay to send while player logging in
  • QUser now use Fork-Join-Pool to resolve
  • InventoryWrapper can now verify that it is still valid


  • Display item teleport now use Paper API if available
  • Avoid create empty YamlConfiguration instance if no extra data for shop to save memory (lazy init)

Bug Fixes

  • Compat/Addon's API getShops may returns the shops that not in selection and cause accident deletion if they in same chunk
  • Added multiple missing localization keys
  • Player may still to charged even ShopPriceChangeEvent has been cancelled
  • Shop creation may failed if user entered a super large number like 999999999999999999999999999999.99 with default new generated configuration
  • Some parts didn't use QuickShop's Permission Manager
  • Some commands are using the wrong permission node
  • quickshop.use permission node was ignored
  • /qs staff clear and /qs staff remove won't save to database after modified staff list
  • Shop display still spawned even player use /qs toggledisplay to turned it off if server enabled display auto despawn
  • Fixed TNE economy type may populate StackOverFlow error while purchasing


Several new Startup Flags have been added to allow users to fine-tune the internal implementation, which will be made available on-demand by developers in the support channel.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 22, 2024

Bug Fixes

  1. On some server platform, database sources settings may not read properly.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 22, 2024

Bug Fixes

  1. Plugin may crashed on startup due incorrect configuration upgrade script.
  2. (Try-to) fix double-chest may cannot detect another half-part items.
  3. [COMPACT] GriefPrevention compatibility module may crash on startup if build don't have ClaimResizeEvent.

Summary by CodeRabbit

  • New Features
    • Enhanced logging in the GriefPrevention compatibility module for better startup and event handling visibility.
    • Improved error handling in the configuration reload process to ensure stability.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with handling DoubleChest instances in inventory management, ensuring proper functionality.
  • Chores
    • Updated dependencies to the latest version ( across various modules for improved performance and compatibility.
    • Adjusted configuration scripts to accommodate new donation key handling.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 14, 2024

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed top N valuable customers query
  2. Fixed Minecraft vanilla bug can break the shop container
  3. (Try to-) fix the GriefPrevention compat's permission override
  4. Fixed ItemFlag may not respected.

( is a hot patch for

by Ghost_chu on Feb 7, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed /quickshop history command will stuck when user using MySQL.


  • The store now saves after startup only after modifications have occurred.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 6, 2024

If you meet HikariPool-1 - Connection is not available, request timed out after 30000ms. errors in past versions, please upgrade to this version and see if it still happening, and join our Discord server to participate in the discussion of the issue. We are investigating this issue and releasing mitigation measures.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NoClassDefError on Paper 1.20.1 (It's definitely fixed this time :) )


  • Resolved SQL query performance to avoid performing full table scans and causing severe query performance degradation


  • Temporarily deactivated statistical metrics about the database, which we found were blocking in the main server thread and triggering a server crash when there were problems with the database connection
  • Add performance indicators for newly added ShopHistory-related queries to provide feedback on query performance in Paste.
  • Adjust logger to reduce useless logging.
  • Added several debug subcommands to check for database performance issues and HikariCP related issues.
  • Changed ShopHistory related queries from parallel to serial and limited the number of simultaneous executions to 1 to avoid completely exhausting all available connections to HikariCP and crashing the plugin.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 5, 2024

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed shop history query use database executor, causes a deadlock on execution resources and results in a query execution failure
  • Fixed an issue where the default HikariCP pool parameters in the configuration file were incorrect, now incorrect configuration keys and configuration values will be automatically migrated and adjusted. Care should be taken to avoid accidental value changes if you have changed the relevant parameters manually.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 5, 2024


  • We have noticed that the new /quickshop history feature is applying more database pressure due to log_purchase not being configured with proper indexing. This hot patch will create an index for log_purchase to alleviate the performance issue.
    • If you still continue to experience query performance issues after this update, please join our Discord to provide feedback.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 4, 2024

This is a hot-patch for major update.


  1. [ADDON] Reremake-Migrator doesn't work with
  2. [ADDON] BlueMap Addon doesn't work (NullPointerException)
  3. [ADDON] ItemsAdder Addon don't load due package name changes

Although all updates is addon related, but you also need update QuickShop-Hikari it self.

by Ghost_chu on Feb 3, 2024
Download Major Update - Furina


Focalors & Furina, Artist Tiko

For the Lunar New Year, QuickShop-Hikari has received a new major update that includes several feature updates for large networks and transaction-oriented servers. At the same time, we also fixed some bugs.

New Features

Shop History

The new Shop History feature allows you to open a store history panel for all past trade requests that have occurred in this store.
At the same time, you will be able to see your Most Valuable Customers, showing those players who have made the most transactions in your store.
The panel also will allow you to view the number and value of transactions for the last 24h, 3d, 7d, 30d, all-time, and unique purchasers count.
This feature is based on a long-existing transaction logging system, so after you upgrade, you can view the transaction history that created before the upgrade.

Change the shop sign material

New command /quickshop sign <material> that allow users to change their shop's info sign material.

Transfer Shop Ownership

Added New command /quickshop transferownership for shop transfer.

  • This new command will allow player request to transfer a shop to another player, without re-create the shop.
  • To complete the transfer, the requested player must accept the transfer request.
  • To avoid ambiguity, the old /quickshop transfer command is now renamed /quickshop transferall.

Price Suggestion

New command /quickshop suggestprice that calculates the most expensive price, the cheapest price, the average price, and the median price for other stores on this server that have the same items and selling patterns as the current store, so that players can set appropriate prices for their stores.


  • [Addon][Discoumt] New command /quickshop discount listall
    • The new command allows server administrators to list all discount codes on the server for better management.
  • [Addon][Slimefun] New Addon to allow the use Item Expression to reference a Slimefun items.
  • [Addon][ItemAdder] New Addon to allow the use Item Expression to reference a ItemAdder items.
  • [Addon][Lands] Now supports deleting all stores in Land when it's deleted.
  • [Addon][List] The command /quickshop list are now presented in a paged format, and you can toggle the paging by appending a number. No more crowding the chat box when there are tons of stores.


  • Added new configuration item,,, to allow you disable some information on shop info panel to avoid too much data crowned your chat.


  • Added delete confirmation for [Remove Shop] button in shop control panel.


  • Improved checking of the best mirror source, which now gains speed and enables correct use of the best mirror source to resolve plugin dependencies. This is a significant improvement for users in mainland China.
    • Multiplexing of libraries cached by the Spigot Libraries Loader (SERVER_ROOT/libraries) is now supported to reduce network requests and traffic consumption.

Refactor / Changes

  • Introduced a new registry system and plan to convert more modules to use this system in the future.
  • The control panel now suggest new /quickshop transferownership instead /quickshop setowner.
  • API to Shop#getRemainingStock and Shop#getRemaingingSpace now supports async call, to retrieve cached data from database.

Bug Fixes

  • EconomyFormatter may use incorrect currency to format the balance.
  • Fix NoClassDefError on some Paper 1.20.2 instances. (hopefully)
  • Fixed the command sounds doesn't work at all
  • Fixed tab-complete doesn't work for non-operator players.
  • Fixed respect-item-flag option doesn't work.


  • [Addon][DiscordSRV] Re-build with DiscordSRV 1.27.0 to fix linked accounts related features.
  • [Addon][DiscordSRV] Fixed messages may send twice for shop owners.

by Ghost_chu on Jan 14, 2024


  • EcoEnchants fixes missing enchantments, QuickShop-Hikari now works with EcoEnchants 12.2.1 or later, and the compatibility module works properly.
  • The ability for users to disable the built-in dependency resolver via startup flag and fallback to SpigotLibraryLoader by copying the list of dependencies into the libraries field of plugin.yml helps to solve the Aether illegal access issue reported on Mohist. We are still working with the Mohist developers to resolve this issue. MC 1.20.4 or later builds of Mohist are not affected by this issue.

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