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If you meet HikariPool-1 - Connection is not available, request timed out after 30000ms. errors in past versions, please upgrade to this version and see if it still happening, and join our Discord server to participate in the discussion of the issue. We are investigating this issue and releasing mitigation measures.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed NoClassDefError on Paper 1.20.1 (It's definitely fixed this time :) )


  • Resolved SQL query performance to avoid performing full table scans and causing severe query performance degradation


  • Temporarily deactivated statistical metrics about the database, which we found were blocking in the main server thread and triggering a server crash when there were problems with the database connection
  • Add performance indicators for newly added ShopHistory-related queries to provide feedback on query performance in Paste.
  • Adjust logger to reduce useless logging.
  • Added several debug subcommands to check for database performance issues and HikariCP related issues.
  • Changed ShopHistory related queries from parallel to serial and limited the number of simultaneous executions to 1 to avoid completely exhausting all available connections to HikariCP and crashing the plugin.


QuickShop-Hikari- MiB) Primary Download
Addon-BlueMap- KiB) Download
Addon-DiscordSRV- KiB) Download
Addon-Discount- KiB) Download
Addon-DisplayControl- KiB) Download
Addon-Dynmap- KiB) Download
Addon-Limited- KiB) Download
Addon-List- KiB) Download
Addon-Plan- KiB) Download
Addon-Reremake-Migrator- KiB) Download
Addon-ShopItemOnly- KiB) Download
Compat-AdvancedRegionMarket- KiB) Download
Compat-AngelChest- KiB) Download
Compat-BentoBox- KiB) Download
Compat-BungeeCord- KiB) Download
Compat-BungeeCord-Geyser- KiB) Download
Compat-ChestProtect- KiB) Download
Compat-Clearlag- KiB) Download
Compat-EcoEnchants- KiB) Download
Compat-EliteMobs- KiB) Download
Compat-GriefPrevention- KiB) Download
Compat-ItemAdder- KiB) Download
Compat-Lands- KiB) Download
Compat-OpenInv- KiB) Download
Compat-PlotSquared- KiB) Download
Compat-Reforges- KiB) Download
Compat-Residence- KiB) Download
Compat-Slimefun- KiB) Download
Compat-SuperiorSkyblock- KiB) Download
Compat-Towny- KiB) Download
Compat-Velocity- KiB) Download
Compat-WorldEdit- KiB) Download
Compat-WorldGuard- KiB) Download

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