Realistic Plant Growth

Realistic Plant Growth


Powerful Spigot/Paper plugin that brings a new level of realism to the Minecraft flora, allowing you to fine-tune growth parameters on a per-biome basis.

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👋 Welcome to the Realistic Plant Growth Plugin

Realistic Plant Growth is a powerful Spigot/Paper plugin that brings a new level of realism to the Minecraft flora, allowing you to fine-tune growth parameters on a per-biome basis.

  • Do you want to stop Nether Wart farming or make it only work in the Nether like it used to be?
  • Do you think Melon farms are too powerful and want to balance them?
  • Maybe you want cocoa to grow only in jungles or make plants grow slower in deserts?
  • Or perhaps you want farms to be above ground and need natural light?

You can do all that with Realistic Plant Grotwh!

Realistic Plant Growth actively monitors grow events, allowing plants to progress through their growth stages based on a configured growth rate.
What sets this plugin apart is its biome-dependent growth rate, providing an immersive experience tailored to the in-game environment.

Balancing Automatic Farms

You can customize your farming experience by adjusting the required light level for plant growth. This feature can not only ensure that growth occurs only above ground but also disables the dominance of stacked farms, preventing overpowering setups like giant cactus farms.

To add an extra layer of complexity, each plant introduces a configurable death chance. This element adds a strategic component to the game, as plants now have a chance to perish during their growth process. The introduction of a death chance serves as a countermeasure against fully automatic farms, adding a balancing factor to the gameplay.

UV-Light Blocks

UV-Light enables the growth of plants that lack access to natural skylight, enabling their cultivation in dark and indoor environments. Easily customize the effect radius and the UV-light blocks in the configuration settings.


Fertilizer blocks (Composter) enhance the growth rates of plants in their vicinity. By default, each time a plant advances to the next stage, the composter fill level is depleted, signifying the utilization of fertilizer to boost the growth rate. Players must refill the composter either manually or with the assistance of hoppers.


All features can be toggled and fine-tuned either directly in the Config.yml file or by adjusting the GrowthModifiers.yml file.

  • Biome-Specific Plant Growth
  • Biome-Specific Plant Death Chance
  • Sounds and Effects On Plant Death
  • Replace Farmland On Harvest
  • Agricultural Crops Require Hoe
  • Plants Require Natural Sky Light
  • UV-Light Blocks
  • Boost Growth Rates With Fertilizer
  • Customizable Messages With miniMessage Support.


Check out our wiki for detailed documentation.


Minecraft version:
-> 1.20 or above.

Java version:
-> At least Java 17. (recommend using Java 21)


Bernie Sanders Meme, asking once again for your translated language files.

If you have translated the language file into your own language, you can help others by providing me with your language file.
You can either directly upload it on GitHub or send the file via Email or Discord.

Useful Bukkit/Spigot Resources

      description: Execute a RealisticPlantGrowth command.
      usage: /rpg <help|info|reload>
      aliases: [realisticPlantGrowth, realisticplantgrowth]
    description: Gives access to all RealisticPlantGrowth features.
    default: op
      rpg.reload: true true true

    description: Gives access to the /rpg reload command.
    default: op
    description: Base-Permission to access /rpg command.
    default: op
    description: Gives access to the /rpg info command.
    default: op
    children: true
    description: Gives growth information of plants when interacting with them.
    default: true

This plugin draws inspiration from PwnPlantGrowth by Pwn9.

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