Adds an RPG Leveling system to 1.7 servers.

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1.7.4 Plugin that provides an RPG leveling system to Bukkit servers!

This project hasn't been updated since 2013 and is being archived for older servers. Sadly the source of this plugin is lost to time but for modern versions I suggest Aurelium Skills


  1. Download the latest .jar and place it in your /plugins folder.
  2. Start your server.
  3. Let the files generate.
  4. Stop server, Edit classes.yml and config.yml in the /plugins/rpgleveling folder 4.5. Make sure you read the guide
  5. Once you are happy, start your server
  6. Start server and enjoy!


  • MYSQL ONLY Bullet proof against server crashes. If your server crashes, all data is stored to mysql.
  • Blocks items from being used until the required level.
  • Blocks any defined items to make it exclusive to one class.
  • Make your own classes with different configurations, exp gains and item unlocking
  • Exp and level on players' EXP bar
  • Give money/permissions/constant potion effects, item permissions. real levels to use on anvil, or etc when leveling up!
  • Execute commands as console, player, or op
  • 1.6 and 1.7 supported, Bukkit and MCPC+/Cauldron
  • If your looking for an awesome party add on for this plugin, check out RPGParties
  • If you want a better health system where you can control all the players health and even give players more then 20 hearts, then check out MoreHearts!

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