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SchematicUpload is a plugin that lets players upload schematics to your server through a simple and safe web panel. If you've ever run a build or creative server and have had to respond to annoying requests to import a player's schematic, this is the plugin for you.

Web interface screenshot


Players simply type the /schematicupload command in-game that sends them a link to the web panel with a unique authentication code. On the panel, all the player needs to do is choose the file and press "Upload". The schematic will be checked and uploaded to the schematics' folder in-game.


  • Incredibly simple to use web interface that lets you preview schematics before uploading
  • Super easy to configure, just choose your port and hostname
  • Limit the file size of schematics that can be uploaded
  • Limit how many schematics a player can upload over a given timeframe

In-game command screenshot


SchematicUpload provides the following commands. By default, only operators are permitted to use the schematic uploader. You'll need a permission plugin such as LuckPerms to let non-operators use these.

Command Description Permission
/schematicupload Upload a schematic file through the web interface schematicupload.command
/schematicupload about View plugin information schematicupload.command.about
/schematicupload reload Reload config and message files schematicupload.command.reload


  1. Download the SchematicUpload jar and place it in your /plugins/ directory
  2. Start the server. The web server will be hosted on port 2780 by default. If you're running the server on your computer, you can visit https://localhost:2780 to view the interface.
  3. Turn off the server, navigate to /plugins/SchematicUpload and modify the contents of config.yml and messages_xx-xx.yml as appropriate. Make sure to change url to be the IP address or domain of your server.


To build SchematicUpload, simply run the following in the root of the repository:

./gradlew clean build


SchematicUpload is licensed under Apache-2.0 License.


This plugin uses bStats to provide me with metrics about its usage:

You can turn metric collection off by navigating to ~/plugins/bStats/config.yml and editing the config to disable plugin metrics.


© William278, 2022. Licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.

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