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Advanced AI cloud-based movement checks

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Sentinel - AI movement checks

Sentinel is a Minecraft plugin designed to combat cheaters with unfair advantages. As of now, Sentinel seamlessly detects players making use of baritone.


This plugin sends movement data of players on your minecraft instance to our servers, located in Switzerland, to perform automatic checks using our intelligent machine learning models. None of the data transmitted by your instance (including the IP address) is stored.


Test the plugin without installing by following these steps:

  1. Join with Minecraft version 1.20.1
  2. Click the Netherstar
  3. Click Host Event and then "Sandbox" in the top left corner
  4. Wait until you are teleported to a new, automatically created server. On this server, Sentinel is preinstalled.
  5. Enable debug mode by /sentinel debug and walk around, moving your mouse. Execute /sentinel analyze <playername> to see data points being collected.

Watch the demo on YouTube

Features šŸš€āœØ

  • ā™»ļø Players are checked continuously
  • šŸ«µ You decide how many checks fail to trigger an automated action
  • āŒ No exploits. Sentinel currently does not use any GUIs and has checks implemented for force OP exploits.
  • āœ… Easy installation. Just drag and drop the plugin and configure it to your needs.
  • ā˜ļø Sentinel is cloud based. All calculations are done online to save your server's computing power.
  • šŸ”„ Supports multiple minecraft versions

How It Works šŸ¤”

Sentinel continously records players' movements. Each check consists of 400 movement changes, also known as data points. After 400 data points have been collected, our AI model evaluates these to decide whether a player is cheating, and which cheats were made use of.

Currently, we can detect the following cheats:

  • Baritone Walking
  • Baritone Mining

More checks like KillAura will be implemented soon.

Sentinel's training data consists of about 500 playtime hours.

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