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  • Fixed Dark Mode causing a GL state leak, making e.g. EMI's buttons show as translucent
  • Fixed spectators being unable to noclip when Sidekick is installed
  • Fixed crashes when pressing the Destroy Item key while a world is not loaded
  • Destroy Item is now compatible with AMECS
  • Fixed Destroy Item key eating keypresses in the chat GUI
  • Destroy Mode now allows clicking and dragging to bulk delete items
  • Destroy Mode now treats the main inventory and hotbar as separate panes
  • Shift-clicking the hotbar now goes to the main inventory
    • Shift-clicking from the main inventory still goes to the extinv
  • Fixed hotbar swapping with extinv creating ghost items
  • Fixed conflicts with QDAA

1.20 only:

  • Fixed toggling Night Owl leaking translucency state and not actually animating
  • Fixed smearing not working properly


sidekick-fabric-2.0.5+1.18.2.jar(375.91 KiB) Primary Download

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