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Simple Player Freeze

A simple plugin that allows freezing and unfreezing players.


  • spf.freeze:
    • Allows a user to freeze another
  • spf.unfreeze:
    • Allows a user to unfreeze someone who is frozen
  • spf.notify:
    • Notifies this user when a frozen player logs in
  • spf.bypass:
    • Prevents this user from being frozen
  • spf.reload:
    • Allows this user to reload the configuration
  • spf.chatspy
    • Allows this user to see the chat of frozen players, if chat behavior is set to 2


  • /freeze <player>
    • Freezes a player, or unfreezes them if they are frozen
  • /unfreeze <player>
    • unfreezes a frozen player
  • /spfreload
    • Reloads the configuration
  • /fspy
    • Toggles visibility of the chat of frozen players, if chat behavior is set to 2

Default configuration

# Should freezing persist between relogs?
freeze-persist: true
# Should someone glow when they are frozen?
freeze-glow:  true
# Should someone be force-dismounted when frozen?
freeze-dismount: true
# Should someone be force-set to fly when frozen? This will prevent them from having weird glitches with their client
# Constantly trying to force them down and the server constantly re-setting them, however I have not tested this extensively
# With people who know how to abuse glitches. As such it is false by default
freeze-flight: false
# Should the user be invulnerable while they're frozen? (prevents issues like drowning if frozen while underwater)
freeze-invulnerability: true
# Chat behavior
# 0 = Chat as normal, no change
# 1 = Shadow mute, they don't see a change in their chat, however only staff can see their messages
# 2 = Full mute. They cannot send messages and get an error when they attempt to
chat-behavior: 2
# Which things should be prevented when someone is frozen?
prevent-movement: true
prevent-interact: true
prevent-xp-pickup: true
prevent-item-pickup: true
prevent-item-drop: true
prevent-item-use: true
prevent-hotbar-switch: true
prevent-commands: true
prevent-crafting: true
  # !! NOTE !! If you do not have the minecraft commands blocked by permissions, it is strongly advised
  # Not to remove these from the whitelist due to chat signatures - if these commands are cancelled,
  # The player will be kicked for a missing public key.
  - /minecraft:msg
  - /minecraft:w
  - /minecraft:t
  - /minecraft:teammsg
  - /minecraft:tm
  - /msg
  - /w
  - /t
  - /teammsg
  - /tm
  - /r
placeholder-api-format: "<dark_gray>[Frozen]</dark_gray>"
#-------------------- [Locale] --------------------
prefix: "<green><bold>[</bold><yellow>SPF</yellow><bold>]</bold></green> "
no-permission: "<red>You do not have permission to run this command!</red>"
no-player: "<red>You did not provide a valid player, please check your spelling and try again</red>"
freeze-message: "<green><name></green> <aqua>has been frozen</aqua>"
unfreeze-message: "<green><name></green> <yellow>has been unfrozen</yellow>"
reload-message: "<gold>The Simple Player Freeze config has been reloaded</gold>"
have-been-frozen: "<red><bold>[NOTICE]</bold></red> <gray>You have been frozen. You cannot move, interact, or chat"
have-been-unfrozen: "<green><bold>[NOTICE]</bold></green> <gray>You have been unfrozen. You can move, interact, and chat again."
cannot-chat: "You are frozen and cannot chat"
cannot-use-command: "You are frozen and cannot use that command"
login-message: "<red><bold>[NOTICE]</bold></red> <gray>You were frozen during a previous session. You cannot move, interact, or chat"
login-notif: "<dark_gray><bold><name></bold></dark_gray> <gray>has logged in. They were frozen during a previous session."
login-notif-now-unfrozen: "<dark_gray><bold><name></bold></dark_gray> <gray>has logged in. They were frozen during a previous session. They will now be unfrozen."
shadow-mute-format: "<dark_gray>[Frozen]</dark_gray> <gray><player>: <message></gray>"
freeze-spy-enabled: "<green>Freeze Spy has been toggled <bold><yellow>On</yellow></bold>!</green>"
freeze-spy-disabled: "<grey>Freeze Spy has been toggled <bold><red>Off</red></bold>!</grey>"
cannot-be-frozen: "<red>That player cannot be frozen!</red>"
not-frozen: "<red>That player is not frozen!</red>"
only-player: "<red>Sorry! Only a player can run that command</red>"

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