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What is squaremap

squaremap is a minimalistic and lightweight live world map viewer for Minecraft servers.

squaremap hooks into your Minecraft server as a plugin or mod on a supported platform, then generates and manages a live map of your server, viewable in any web browser.


  • Ultra fast render times. Get your map rendered today, not next week.
  • Simple vanilla-like top down 2D view, designed for navigation.
  • Player markers showing yaw rotation, health, and armor.
  • Easy to setup and configure.
  • Up to date Leaflet front-end.
  • Addons and integrations for many popular plugins.

Supported platforms


Downloads can be obtained here on Modrinth, or from GitHub releases for all supported platforms.

Development builds

Development builds are available at


Official squaremap demo:


This project is licensed under the MIT license

Leaflet (the web ui frontend) is licensed under 2-clause BSD License


squaremap provides simple APIs to draw markers, shapes, icons, and etc. on rendered maps. Javadocs are hosted on the maven repository alongside the binaries, and should be automatically downloaded by your IDE. See the README and Wiki for more details about the API.

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