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Fixed various issues on 1.20.2 BungeeCord. If you use it, and updated your backend to 1.20.2, don't forget to update bridge as well, because it compensates for a new bug introduced in bukkit 1.20.2 causing plugin messages to not be sent on join.

I hope with this the plugin is now finally stable for 1.20.2 players on BungeeCord. The reason why it took so long is because there are tons of bugs/issues in server software out of my control, which has to be compensated for, such as:

  • On Bukkit 1.20.2, sending plugin messages on join may cause them to not be sent. God knows why. It was also very non-deterministic - trying the same thing several times gave different results. At the beginning, it worked totally fine for me. After making "some changes", it no longer worked. Not only on that test server instance, but not even on a clean installation anymore. I had to figure out which part of server code was blocking it and force an aggressive override, hopefully not breaking anything because of it.
  • BungeeCord is in maintenance mode for a decade now and only does the most urgent things (usually just adding support for new MC versions). Tons of problems were introduced in 1.20.2 with no clear interest in resolving them. Asking for a fix barely has success, even if you open a github issue that clearly describes the problem and suggest multiple possible solutions, md5 acts like he sees no problem. Sending packets to players is considered "not an API" and any bug reports featuring sending packets are closed, without resolving it or adding the API. What's worse, even using the API the way it's advertised will throw errors.

While I thought not adding any more features and just fixing internal bugs (which will eventually have to get all fixed as they can't keep coming forever), it looks like adding support for new MC versions is going to be much more painful than expected and may end sooner than expected. I am not interested in begging people to fix bugs in their software that's out of my control, but prevents my plugins from working correctly.

I would like everyone to understand that by no law because I wrote a few lines of code I am now forced to maintain it for the rest of my life, for free, instead of doing things I enjoy, making software for a game I haven't played in a decade, for servers I never heard of, owned by people I have never met and never will who just look to make money off of plugins by getting the developers to configure their own plugins for them to then put them on their server and then sell ranks. Easy money. Or not?


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