Thizzy'z Tree Feller

Thizzy'z Tree Feller


The most customizable tree feller ever made.

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Created8 months ago
Updated21 days ago

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  • Updated Vanillify for 1.20.4
  • Updated Vanillify for 1.20.2 (There should be no difference in functionality, aside from adding support for 1.20.2)
  • Added allow-partial-tool option (Cuts down the whole tree even if the tool has insufficient durability)
  • fixed cherry leaves not working with silk touch & fortune
  • Legacy LogBlock compatibility is now disabled by default
  • compatibility errors should now appear in chat when debug mode is enabled

(Initial release on Modrinth)

  • Added Decoration removal (removes snow, vines, etc. for when the server or another plugin forgets that physics is important)
  • Added support for LogBlock 1.19 (pre.1.19 is now "compatibility-logblock-legacy", untested)
  • Updated EcoSkills compatibility to match new API (untested)
  • changed MMOCore default settings to provide Woodcutting XP instead of global XP
  • Fixed placeholderAPI compatibility re-initialzing on reload
  • /treefeller config now sometimes shows when it has errors in chat
  • Fixed incorrect description of log-silk-touch (Thanks Bob-the-Bobothy!)

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