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M-Timer & Clock

Add a timer to your HUD to stop times or display the current time (ingame or real). You have full control over your timer with design customization or even automated actions like time stops on certain events (like killing the Ender Dragon) and rules like automatically set the gamemode to spectator after deaths.

You can also give players the opportunity to opt in or out to the global timer and let them use their own customized timer, only visible for them!

Access & customize the Timer

All commands (except config commands) can be used with /timer for global timer or with /ptimer for personal timer -> /timer resume resumes global timer & /ptimer pause pauses your personal timer

Command Permission Short Description
/timer ... mutils.command.timer Parent command for global timer
/ptimer ... mutils.command.ptimer Parent command for personal timers
... resume Parent Permission Resumes the timer
... pause Parent Permission Pauses the timer
... setup Parent Permission Modify timer settings & design
... reset Parent Permission Resets the time to zero
/timer language mutils.command.timer-config Switch between languages
/timer config mutils.command.timer-config Reload/ Reset/ Save your configuration


Create & Share Designs

The timer provides a complete design creator inside an easy to use GUI. Custom designs support:

  • Separate idle and running state design
  • Placeholder for time values to change your syntax
  • Separate prefix, suffix and hide rule for every placeholder
  • Custom animations like gradients

Adventure MiniMessage styling is supported! All designs are saved in a separate json file.
You can share your best designs in our global designs library for everyone to use or browse for designs you like to use yourself (Does not work in BETA!).

timer1 timer2 timer3

DataPack Version

We provide a data pack version of MTimer! This version is very simple and compact. You can still choose between multiple designs but can not create new ones.

Click here to visit it!

Support & FAQ

Check out our official FAQ and tutorials if you need help at

If you have any problems or unanswered questions join our Discord to contact us and share your experience with other users!

API Usage

API - Overview & Usage MTimer implements a public API that can be used by developers to manipulate or inject into the timer. The API is written in Kotlin like MTimer and is located at Maven Central, so no extra repo is needed. The API contains java docs.
dependencies {

To receive more information about the API visit the official GitHub Repository:
-> MTimer API
-> (


M-Timer communicates with the servers for:

  • version checking (normally only on startup)
  • public design library access (only on manual access) (disabled in BETA)

While communicating the server IP is shared but not saved on our servers. Uploading/ downloading from the public design library requires account authentication

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