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Don't let them generate too many chunks

What is this?

This plugin is designed to help server owners who:

  • cannot pregenerate their world
  • have elytras enabled
  • want to keep a playable view distance

How does it work?

This plugin will count the number of chunks generated by each player. At a certain threshold, it will start to punish the players by:

  • increasing the damage to elytra
  • make players risk losing their elytra
  • decreasing their view distance

How do I use it?

  1. Download the plugin and put it in your plugins folder.
  2. Optionally download the ProtocolLib
  3. Start the server once with the plugin enabled.
  4. Edit the config to your liking.
  5. Restart the server.


// do not touch
do_not_touch_config_version: 1
// whether to enable bStats statisics
bStats: true
  // default settings for all worlds, you can specify per world settings by
  // creating a config section with the world name
    // whether to enable features for the world
    enabled: true
    // number of chunks generated before the player is punished
    punishThreshold: 600
    // max distance at which we consider chunk generation
    chunkGenDistance: 32
    // the rate of cooling down the number of chunks, this is twice per second
    // so setting this to 16 means that player can generate 32 chunks per second
    coolingRate: 16
    // how much faster is the cooling rate when player stacked up a large number
    // the lower the value, the more cooling is speeded up
    coolingSpeedup: 1.25
    // the view distance values to set when the player is punished
      - 8
      - 6
      - 4
    // the threshold at which we set the specified view distance
    // e.g view distance of 8 at 800 chunks, 6 at 1600 chunks, 4 at 3200 chunks
      - 1.0
      - 2.0
      - 4.0
    // whether to enable elytra damage
    elytraDamage: true
    // the starting multiplier to the elytra damage, grows exponentially
    elytraDamageMultiplier: 3.0
    // whether to enable elytra vanish
    elytraVanish: true
    // the multiplier exceeding which the player might lose their elytra
    elytraVanishMultiplier: 60


  • toomanygen.bypass - bypass the punishments
  • toomanygen.command - use commands
  • toomanygen.command.reload - use reload command


  • /toomanygen reload - reload the config, not recommended to use in production


The plugin is developed for a private use and there is no support, features are provided "as is". There is maintenance though, I may fix any bugs you find. To report them contact me in Discord: rabiant. You may need to join PaperMC Discord to be able to DM me.

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Licensed AGPL-3.0-only
Published a year ago
Updated a year ago