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UnifiedMetrics is a fully-featured free and open-source metrics collection plugin for Minecraft servers. This project is licensed under GNU LGPLv3.

Grafana Dashboard Dashboard included out-of-box! Click here for live preview!


  • Platform-agnostic & compatible with popular platforms. Get the same metrics and features on any supported platform.
  • Monitor your server in real-time with Prometheus/InfluxDB and provided Grafana dashboards.
  • High performance metric collection. Low to none performance impact on the server's performance.
  • Free and open-source. The code is free and open for anyone to audit and contribute to.



  • 1.8+ Spigot servers (includes Spigot-based forks)
  • 1.16+ Fabric servers
  • Minestom
  • Velocity
  • BungeeCord


  • Prometheus
  • InfluxDB

Getting started

Read the wiki for instructions on how to get started.


Table of metrics (click to show)
Collector Description Platform Default
systemGc Garbage collection duration and freed bytes All true
systemMemory Memory used, committed, max and init All true
systemProcess CPU load, seconds, and process start time All true
systemThread Current, daemon, started, and peak thread count All true
events Login, join, quit, chat, and ping event counter All true
server Plugins count and player counts All true
tick Tick duration histogram Bukkit, Minestom true
world World entities, players, and chunks count Bukkit, Minestom true

Special Thanks

Bloom Host has kindly provided UnifiedMetrics with development servers. Bloom has server splitting built-in, which makes it extremely easy to build your monitoring stack. Get high performance servers at Bloom by using this link.

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YourKit supports open source projects with innovative and intelligent tools for monitoring and profiling Java and .NET applications. YourKit is the creator of YourKit Java Profiler, YourKit .NET Profiler, and YourKit YouMonitor.

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Building from source

Instructions (click to show)


  • JDK 8+ (16+ for Fabric, 17+ for Minestom)
  • Git (Optional)

To build UnifiedMetrics, you need to obtain the source code first. You can download the source from GitHub or use the Git CLI.

$ git clone && cd UnifiedMetrics

Open a terminal in the cloned directory and run the following command. The following command will build all subprojects.

$ ./gradlew assemble -x signArchives

-x signArchives is required to skip signing, unless you have signing set up

To build a specific subproject, you can prefix it with the subproject path. For example:

$ ./gradlew :unifiedmetrics-platform-bukkit:assemble -x signArchives

The output artifacts can be found in subproject/build/libs.


Instructions (click to show)


Example plugins can be found under examples directory.

Gradle (Kotlin)

repositories {
dependencies {
    // ...
    compileOnly("dev.cubxity.plugins", "unifiedmetrics-api", "0.3.3-SNAPSHOT")


Add :unifiedmetrics-api as a dependency (compileOnly/provided). Prefer using platform's service manager if possible.

import dev.cubxity.plugins.metrics.api.UnifiedMetricsProvider

/* ... */

val api = UnifiedMetricsProvider.get()

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