Lightweight, efficient, and real-time user prefix system.

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UserPrefix Plugin

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Lightweight, efficient, and real-time user prefix system.

This plugin is implemented based on Spigot ,Theoretically support ALL MineCraft Versions.

The development of this plugin is based on Chinese which purpose is to help Chinese developers learn Bukkit plugin development.

This plugin has been published on SpigotMC .

本插件已在 MCBBS 上发布,欢迎中文用户来这里下载。




For development dependencies, please see Dependencies .


  • Theoretically support ALL MineCraft Versions.
  • Reloading the configuration will automatically refresh the prefix of all players.
  • Real-time judgment and feedback to the player when permissions are changed.
  • Configurable sounds and messages.
  • The prefix icon can be configured as "Selected", "Has Permission" and “No Permission”.
  • TabList is automatically sorted according to the weight of the prefix (if there is a conflict, it can be turned off)
  • The prefix display on the player name (can be turned off if there has any conflict)
  • Simple Chat Format Placeholder support. (Not Recommended)
  • GUI with automatic sorting and page turning!
  • Support PlaceholderAPI variables!
  • Support Hex Color! (Version 1.16 and above) &(#Color)
    • Example: LightSlateBlue &(#8470FF) 、 DarkSlateBlue &(#483D8B)


1. Version support issues

This plugin theoretically supports all versions.

If the icon does not load, the sound cannot be played, etc., please check whether the type of the item and sound in the configuration file exists in the current version.

Take the SOUND as an example. The sound that the villager said "OK" is "VILLAGER_YES" in the lower version, but it becomes "ENTITY_VILLAGER_YES" in the higher version.

2. Scoreboard exception problem

The display of the prefix on the head and the sorting of the TabList both use the scoreboard API.

Please turn of the functions.on-name-prefix in the configuration if there is a conflict.


This plugin's Commands are based on Chinese! May support multi-language in the future.

/UserPrefix or /prefix #Open prefix GUI
/UserPrefixAdmin # View Admin Command Help
/UserPrefixAdmin reload # Reload Config
/UserPrefixAdmin list # List all configured prefixes.

Placeholders (PlaceholderAPI)

After installed the PlaceholderAPI , you can type /papi info UserPrefix to see all the placeholders.

# %UserPrefix_prefix% 
- Get the content of the current prefix
# %UserPrefix_weight% 
- Get the weight of the current prefix.
# %UserPrefix_identifier% 
- Get the identifier of the current prefix.
# %UserPrefix_name% 
- Get the name of the current prefix.
# %UserPrefix_has_<Identifier>% 
- Determine whether the player has a certain prefix(true/false)

Configuration files

Plugin Configuration (config.yml .

Will be generated on the first boot up.

Messages Configuration (messages.yml)

Will be generated on the first boot up.

Prefixes Configuration (prefixes/*.yml)

All prefixes are separate configuration files, stored in the <Data Folder>/prefixes/ for easy management.

Some symbols in file name may affect reading, please avoid using them.

Support and Donation

This project is support by the YourCraft(你的世界) . TeamLogo

Open source agreement

The source code of this project uses GNU General Public License v3.0 License.

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