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Velocitab is a super-simple Velocity TAB menu plugin that uses scoreboard team client-bound packets to actually sort player lists without the need for a backend plugin. Supporting modern RGB formatting, animations, comprehensive placeholder support and defining multiple TAB menus for different groups of servers, Velocitab is a versatile plugin, useful for any Velocity-based proxy network.

Showcase of different TAB menus made with Velocitab

⭐ Flexible list sorting

Customizable TAB list sorting based on user role, server, placeholder, and more.

⭐ Versatile formatting support

Make your TAB list beautiful with full RGB color support, supporting MiniMessage, MineDown and legacy formatting modes.

⭐ Multiple TAB menus for different servers

Create server groups and configure different TAB lists to show for each group!

⭐ Animations support

Add extra flair to your TAB list or display additional information by creating pretty looking animations.

⭐ Player nametags

Customize how over-the-head nametags look to help players stand out in-game.

⭐ Full placeholder support

Comes with a robust set of built-in placeholders, MiniPlaceholders support, as well as PAPIProxyBridge for PlaceholderAPI support

Ready? Get started in a new TAB…

  • A Velocity 3.3.0 proxy running the latest version
  • Backend servers running MC 1.12.2 or newer, or MC 1.8-1.8.9
  • Java 17
Helpful links to get you started:
  • Website — Visit my website!​
  • Docs — Read the plugin docs!
  • Discord — Get support, ask questions!​
  • bStats — Check out the plugin metrics!​
  • GitHub — Check out the plugin source code!​
  • Setup — Read the setup instructions!​
Example of animations in a TAB list menu

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