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Velocitab is a super-simple Velocity TAB menu plugin that uses scoreboard team client-bound packets to actually sort player lists by role without the need for a backend plugin.



Requires the latest version of Protocolize to be installed on your proxy. LuckPerms is also strongly recommended for prefix/suffix/role (and sorting) support.

Simply download the latest release and place it in your Velocity plugins folder (along with Protocolize).


Velocitab has a simple config file that lets you define a header, footer and format for the player list. You can additionally configure groups of servers to display different formats in the TAB menu depending on which server the player is viewing it from.


Velocitab supports the full range of RGB colors and gradients, with options to use either MineDown (default) or MiniMessage formatting.


You can include placeholders in the header, footer and player name format of the TAB list. The following placeholders are supported:

Placeholder Description Example
%players_online% Players online on the proxy 6
%max_players_online% Player capacity of the proxy 500
%local_players_online% Players online on the server the player is on 3
%current_date% Current real-world date of the server 24 Feb 2023
%current_time% Current real-world time of the server 21:45:32
%username% The player's username William278
%server% Name of the server the player is on alpha
%ping% Ping of the player (in ms) 6
%prefix% The player's prefix (from LuckPerms) &4[Admin]
%suffix% The player's suffix (from LuckPerms) &c
%role% The player's primary LuckPerms group admin
%debug_team_name% Internal team value, used for list sorting 1_alpha_William2

PlaceholderAPI (Spigot plugin and Fabric mod) placeholders are also supported. To use them, just install PAPIProxyBridge on your Velocity proxy and backend Spigot (1.16.5+) or Fabric (1.19.3+) servers. Additionally, a hook for MiniPlaceholders is supported for servers using the MiniMessage formatter.

Helpful links to get you started:
  • Website — Visit my website!​
  • Docs — Read the plugin docs!
  • Discord — Get support, ask questions!​
  • GitHub — Check out the plugin source code!​