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Allow older clients to connect to newer servers.

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On Fabric, use either ViaFabric or ViaFabricPlus. To override the included version

  • in ViaFabric, put ViaBackwards into the mods folder
  • in ViaFabricPlus, put ViaBackwards into the ViaFabricPlus/jars folder

Depending on the platform and version, this also requires ViaVersion.

Get access to Via* with new MC version support early

Starting with 1.20.5, ViaVersion and ViaBackwards will only be released a day or so after a Minecraft update unless the protocol changes of the update were trivial. If you want early-access, usually days or even weeks before the final release, you can subscribe to either:

  • GitHub Sponsors (preferred option, also comes with source code access. Use the /verify command on this Discord after), or alternatively
  • Patreon (see the highest tier and make sure to link Patreon to your Discord account under Discord Settings->Connections)

Note on release channels

It is recommended to always use the latest beta release. Alpha builds are used for work on snapshot version compatibility or other cutting-edge changes.

Always use the same build channel across the ViaVersion, ViaBackwards, and ViaRewind projects.

Releases/Dev Builds

You can find releases in the following places:

Dev builds for all of our projects are on our Jenkins server:

Known issues

  • 1.17+ min_y and height world values that are not 0/256 are not supported. Clients older than 1.17 will not be able to see or interact with blocks below y=0 and above y=255
  • <1.17 clients on 1.17+ servers might experience inventory desyncs on certain inventory click actions
  • Sound mappings are incomplete (see here)

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